Review for Love, Violet

Review for Love, Violet

Love, Violet by Charlotte Sullivan Wild, Charlene Chua, Cute, Adorable, Girls, Romance, LGBT, Valentines Day, Picture Book, Children's BooksA very adorable and sweet book about a girl who loves her classmate! Perfect for this romantic and heart-filled week!

I was looking around for more adorable and sweet books to read during this week, I have been very much into adult/new adult romance these past days, but I thought a picture book would also be nice to read! And so I came across this one! A book about a girl named Violet (who has totally amazing hair in a great colour, I wished I looked that fab as a kid when I had short hair, but the only thing that happened to me was people confusing me for a boy…) who has feelings for a classmate of hers named Mira (and we read on all those sweet and sparkly feelings as the book goes on)! I was very curious if Violet would be able to woo Mira! Would Mira like Violet back?

Violet has all these wonderful ideas that just made me smile! However.. her ideas are not working as she just hides or turns away when Mira gets close. She is shy! I could totally understand that feeling, it is all great in dreams… but reality is so much scarier. I loved that despite this she didn’t give up and thought of something very sweet, something glittery and home-made. I was so rooting for her to give it to Mira! DO it! Do it!!!! You can do it! insert cheerleading dance Violet definitely could use all the cheering and I also just wanted to give her a hug and tell her things would be all right.

And that ending, omg, it first broke my heart, but after that it was just so sweet and cute. I won’t spoil anything, but I was just tearing up in happiness. It was the cutest!

The illustrations, just chef kiss perfect! They were so pretty and I absolutely love the soft-colours. I will have to see what else this illustrator has done!

All in all, if you are in the need for something adorable. Something cute. Be sure to check out this very sweet book!

Star rating, 5 stars

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