Review for Mama, I love You

Review for Mama, I love You

Mama I Love You by Mona Liza Santos, moms, parenting, picture book, religion, children's book, hug, , Anuradha GodagamaI received this book from BookSirens in exchange of an honest review.

I always love books about parenting from the non-fiction kind to books like this talking about love for parents. This one is all about the love for a mom. And while I loved it, it was definitely hard to read given my own relationship with my mom, especially now that I am an adult. The child in this one is still so innocent, so free. Yes, I love my mom (hello, she will always be my mom), but it is a different love than when I was a kid. Now I see the signals that I didn’t see back then. Now I know that the things I see clearly as an adult were there always, even back then.

But on to the book! Let’s not go deeper in negativity! This book was just really sweet and adorable and I love seeing all the ways the mom does something for her kid! From building sandcastles to singing and dancing along the music to her protecting her son from making bad mistakes (illustrated a tad ominously, but I got the idea was sweet). It was very positive and all sweet and captures many charms of a mother.

I do think that while it is a good Mother’s Day present, I am not sure if someone not religious would be into the last pages. For most it is neutral. But the last parts have a Why your mama is special, and there are a few that are about God. No problem for me as a Christian, but I can imagine it may not be for everyone. Also on that note, I have a mom and a dad, but I did think it was a bit odd to say: “Children who don’t have a mother have a hard life because they have to look after themselves.” Um, excuse me, we live in 2022 and single parenting being a dad is a thing. Dads are great. Plus, there are enough gay parents. Saying this is very harmful.

The art was nice. The faces were a bit odd to me at points.

All in all, a book that I enjoyed, but, I am deducing a bit of rating because the harmful statement I mentioned.

Star rating, 2.5 stars

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  1. Hi there! I’m the author of the book Mama I Love You. The book was updated and some of the rhymes I have revised to not just include the mom, but also the importance of the dad too and how mom’s won’t always be there.. but I did it in a delicate way. I hope you can come and review it again 🙂

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