Review for Mirabelle Breaks the Rules

Review for Mirabelle Breaks the Rules

Dragon, Mirabelle Breaks the Rules, Harriet Muncaster, Witches, Children's Book, Magic, Fantasy, Cute, Illustrations, Naughty, Humour, FamilyMirabelle’s first school day is here… but will she be able to stay on the good path or will she do something naughty?

I was so excited to see this book in the library, I just love the series (and Isadora). Mirabelle is a naughty character, but she is also so much fun, plus, you can clearly see that she is trying… but sometimes you just got to release the naughty energy.

In this one we get a day at Witch School and boy did I want to go as well! Flying lessons, potion making, and more. Just the lunch part I am worried about. Just like Mirabelle… well the food is just not for us. XD I had such a laugh during potion class, I knew right from the bat what would happen and I found myself talking to the pages, yes, I know they cannot hear me. XD And then lunch happened (and the whodunnit for that had me in stitches, that is one way to teach someone a lesson). Lastly, flying practice. This time I was just shaking my head. I get it girl, you want to fly and yes you are amazing at it… but maybe just listen next time? I was proud of MIrabelle and her friend that they were honest and that they apologised. That is also why I love Mirabelle’s character so much. Yes, she is naughty, but she does realise that it isn’t always a good thing. She realises fast that she did something wrong and owns up to it. A lot of naughty characters just don’t care, but she does.

I loved seeing her family again and loved seeing her best friend. Also happy that her little dragon is there, too!

I do still think that it is weird that apparently so little witches are naughty or mischievous. Or they are really good at hiding?

I am utterly confused though. I am not sure what the translator thought and why they thought it was a good idea. But when I was searching for the English title of this book so I could use it for my review I was just scratching my head. In Dutch the book is called Mirabelle heeft een slechte dag. In English the book is called Mirabelle breaks the rules WHEREAS the third book is called Mirabelle has a bad day (Mirabelle heeft een slechte dag). Why?? Did they get the wrong title? The wrong everything? We are way behind on the releases so it isn’t as if you don’t know what the third book is. Not to mention that you could easily translate the second book to Mirabelle breekt de regels.

I did enjoy the story though, it was plenty of fun and I did feel for Mirabelle as she was trying her best. She is just so witchy that she cannot stop being naughty. I cannot wait to read the next book.. and see what Dutch title they will think of for that one.

Star rating, 4 stars

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