Review for Mum’s The Word

Review for Mum’s The Word

Mum's the Word: The sh*t nobody tells you about parenthood until it's too late, Rebecca Oxtoboy, Parenting, Pregnancy, Babies, HumourA hilarious and delightful book about pregnancy, the first year or so of having a child, and I laughed so much!

I came across this one while promoting my blog. The author was promoting this book and I decided to check it out. I love parenting books. I have no kids of my own (nor any plans to ever have a kid) but I just love books about it. Especially the funnier ones. The ones not shying away from the shit-fest it can be.

I just love how this book was written. Not just going from pregnancy to the first year of a baby as how many books do, but instead it was an ABC! We start with Accidents (happen), because even with the best intentions and all the safety, sometimes you just hurt your tiny little one. Like by taking her out of the car. Or when cleaning her… oh I won’t tell you more than that, that just had me laughing and crying. And so we go through the whole alphabet and read all about Rebecca’s experiences on parenting and pregnancy. About how she feels about those moms who always seem to know everything and have everything perfect. About friendship and going out again after having a baby. About trying to do your best and it just doesn’t feel like the best. About weaning and teeth. About poop (and the amazing ones that babies can do). About trying out different kind of plays, like water play which just ended with Isabelle (the baby) dumping the bowl of water over herself and crying like hell. XD About sniff tests and getting the baby to sleep (and the worries that come with that the first few nights). There is just so much in this book and Rebecca has a great way of telling us about everything. I loved her way of writing and I laughed so much. I just flew through the book and before I knew it I was at Z.

And believe me, she doesn’t shy away from any detail. Be prepared. XD

I just have to mention X though because it had me laughing: “Let’s be honest, nothing begins with X. She doesn’t play the xylophone and hasn’t needed an x-ray (yet). So, it’s included for completeness (and word count).”

All in all, if you want an honest, funny, poop-filled, great book about parenting and pregnancy then I would highly recommend this one! I do hope that Rebecca Oxtoby writes another book, this time about toddlerhood and what comes with that!

Star rating, 5 stars

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