Review for Nerdycorn

Review for Nerdycorn

Nerdycorn, Andrew Root, Erin Kraan, Unicorns, Inventions, Picture Book, Children's Books, Fantasy, ScienceThink all unicorns are into glitter, rainbows and doing dances? Think again! Meet Fern, a nerdycorn~

I just love books about unicorns. The standard ones with glitter and rainbows and dances and Broadway musical songs (yes, really). But also ones that don’t fit the glittery mould entirely. Like Grumpycorn by Sarah McIntyre or this book about a nerdy unicorn!

In this one we meet Fern. A unicorn with dashing curly hair, a big horn, and a big love for all that isn’t the unicorn way (or well a lot of it anyway). She loves coding, she loves building and inventing, reading and chemistry. While I loved seeing her do all the things and was super-proud of all the things she could do, I do think I would have loved just a bit more unicorn-ness. Just a bit more glitter. More sparkle. Though her inventions did tend to go to the unicorn way (a cupcake out of a 3d-printer is such a unicorn thing), I just wanted to see her dazzle. I get that she is different, but I still wanted a little bit more unicorn-ness.

I am happy she stood up for herself when the unicorns were acting mean towards her because she is so different from them. I had a laugh that she wasn’t into helping them (and then again, setting boundaries is a thing one needs to do anyway otherwise people will just run over you) and that she kept saying no, she was determined. But I was also proud of her when she did say yes when a bigger situation arose.

The ending made me smile and I was so happy for Fern, and so proud of the other unicorns. Happy that they finally saw that being nerdy isn’t bad, it is actually pretty awesome and handy!

The art was pretty fun! Love the colours and love the unicorns and how they were drawn.

Star rating, 3.5 stars

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