Review for Rail Journeys: From the Orient Express to the Japanese Bullet Train

Review for Rail Journeys: From the Orient Express to the Japanese Bullet Train

Rail Journeys: From the Orient Express to the Japanese Bullet Train, David Ross, Train, Tracks, Railway, Non-Fiction, PhotographyI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just LOVE trains. I am terrible at remembering all the names for the specific trains, but I love watching trains. See them pass by. See which every country uses. The colours, the shapes, and more. So I just had to get this book which promises a journey around the world to see all sorts of beautiful places with train travel.

In this book we travel around the world from America to India to Kenia. We will be seeing all sorts of train stations from big ones and famous ones to more local ones. From historical with all sorts of pretty details to basic stations. We get to see up close on train tracks. Yes, that may sounds boring, but I could see the beauty of it. I loved how the photographer kept using different angles for those photos. Showing the landscape, or just showing mostly the tracks. And then there are the trains! So many trains. From steam to electric. From big Hogwarts-type trains to the speedy trains of Japan. I just absolutely adored it. I think my favourite will always be steam/smoke. It just has something majestic about it, something that promises adventures and mysteries! I loved reading about various trains and what makes them special. And at times I just really wanted to step inside because we also get to see the inside of various trains and some of them have some comfy looking seating! I just flew through this book, soaking it all up and wishing I could be there.

I have to say that out of all the things they could have picked for my country… I wouldn’t have gone for the Flevolijn. Seriously. We got so much more gorgeous things and you picked that? Ummm.

While I did like the captions and often read them, sometimes they didn’t make sense because of how my book was formatted as an ebook and then read on a phone. XD

However, just like an earlier David Ross book (Lighthouses) the photography is pretty but not in good quality. The images are blurry, feel stretched out, and are grainy. I get that this isn’t a finished product, but I do feel that even in a review copy quality should be good. ESPECIALLY for a photography book.

All in all, I flew through the book! I had fun travelling the world and seeing many different trains. I could escape the world for a bit, and I can definitely use that! Recommended~

Star rating, 3.5 stars

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