Review for Sue & Tai-chan, Vol. 1

Review for Sue & Tai-chan, Vol. 1

Sue & Tai-chan, Vol. 1, Yellow, Kitties, Cats, Humour, Funny, Manga, Kanata KonamiI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

When I saw this one pop up on Netgalley it was an instant click to request! I have heard tons about this series + I also love the other works by Kanata Konami (Chiiiiiiiii), so I just had to read this one~

In this one we meet an old cat named Sue and a young cat named Tai. Sue’s owner was “forced” to take upon a new kitty and well, what will the older cat think of it? It sounded adorable as heck, and I just loved their first meeting. Sue very much unsure about the little ball of fuzz suddenly making his way into her quiet life, but she is also curious and interested which I quite loved. Though if only Sue knew what the kitty would really mean, haha but she finds that out immediately in the first chapter! Sue just wants to sleep, but Tai is a tiny kitten and wants to PLAY! Energy levels over 9000! I just felt for poor Sue and was happy that the owner decided to pick up Tai so Sue could have some rest, good job!

And the following chapters are Sue realising that this tiny little kitten isn’t leaving any time soon and that she has to live with it during her precious old days of rest and quiet. I did love that she was meowing to it to teach it how to do things or to tell it not to do things. She was like a mom, or well, grandmom. XD I loved how she took Tai under her wing despite how much it tired her. She was so sweet for the little kitten and I loved it. She even does some naughty/agile things that even she wasn’t expecting to do.

It was just the cutest and most hilarious to see Tai discover the world and all that is in there. And as you can guess, it didn’t always go so well. XD From getting stuck in the curtains to balancing and rolling away on a watermelon. It was just adorable!

But dear owners, never give your cat milk! Give it special cat milk!!! Also I would definitely recommend that the owner keeps an eye on the food and who gets what. Maybe separate them during feeding so you know both get the right food. Also who leaves their bath filled with water when you have a kitten/cat? It was that Sue was there, but I wonder if Tai would have gotten out safely if Sue wasn’t there.

I also had to get used to the way of reading. Normally I am used to right > left for manga, but here it was the normal way aka left > right. Which confused me greatly as this is a manga.

The art was, just like the other manga by this artist, superdupermega adorable and I was constantly awww-ing and ohhh-ing.

All in all, I would HIGHLY recommend this fun manga to all! It is cute, it makes you laugh, and the cats are great~ I cannot wait for the next volume!

Star rating, 5 stars

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