Review for The Art of Luca

Review for The Art of Luca

The Art of Luca by Enrico Casarosa, Daniela Strijleva, Luca, Movie, Art BookA gorgeous and stunning artbook about the movie Luca. Highly recommended if you are a fan of the movie!

My husband found out that this book was free to read (temporarily) and sent a link to me. We both absolutely loved the movie and he knew I would LOVE this. I adore artbooks and I was very excited to dive back into the world of Luca and see how things got created. See designs for characters and places.

And this was just the dream. Gorgeously made, beautiful art in its many forms from clay to digital to pencil to collages to so much more, photography with sealife and islands, great commentary on some pieces/parts (really interesting to learn more about why they went with certain things or what was changed), see scenes that weren’t in the movie (and how I wish they were in the movie), and more! It was great to see how the characters changed over the course of the making of the movie, from what we know to not recognisable. Plus, I just loved that Ghibli Luca and wouldn’t mind that in a bigger print somewhere in my house. 🙂 I was just mesmerized and lost while reading it. Now I really want to watch the movie again! See the characters in motion and check if I can find some more details now I know more about how it was all created.

The introduction was also lovely~

All in all, do you love the Luca movie? Be sure to check this gorgeous artbook out! And I guess I will have to get it for my collection, well once the price is a bit more decent. XD

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