Six for Sunday ~ 20-2-2022: favourite picture books

Six for Sunday ~ 20-2-2022: favourite picture books

Hey all!

Six for Sunday, Sky, Space, Stars

Happy Sunday all! Welcome all to a new Six for Sunday! So excited for this week~

I just adore picture books! Love finding new ones in either Dutch, English, or German. This week I had fun picking 6 of my favourite picture books. I am so thankful I got a 5+ shelf for that because it makes it a bit easier. Not a whole lot, because there are still 18 books on there, but at least I don’t have to dig through my 5 starred shelf, because I am sure there are many more picture books there. XD I would highly recommend all these fun books. I got all sorts of picture books, from doughnuts gone rogue to dragons and fire to dads and how great they are.

The Six for Sunday is made by Steph from Alittlebutalot. Each week features a new theme in which bloggers have to find 6 books/characters/other things.

The Doughnut of Doom by Elys Dolan, Doughnuts, Picture Book, Humour, Children's Book
Ten Delicious Teachers, Ross Montgomery, Sarah Warburton, Humour, Counting, Teachers, Monsters, Fantasy ,Children's Books,
Bunnies on the bus, Philip Ardagh, Ben Mantle, Orange, Bus, Hilarious, Funny, Transport, Animals, Children's Books, Picture Book, Cute, Animals
Once Upon A Dragon's Fire, Beatrice Blue, Dragon, Children, Fantasy, Magic, Reading, Picture Book, Gorgeous, Cuddling

My Dad, Father, Parenting, Picture Book, Fuzzy Feelings, Heart-warming, Picture Book, Children's Books, Legs, Boy, Susan Quinn, Marina Ruiz

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    1. Yay, another picture book fan! *high fives* You do! I hope you enjoy it, it is absolutely captivating~ Thank you, and thanks for commenting!

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