What I Hope To Read March 2022

What I Hope To Read March 2022

Hiiiiii alllll!

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Welcome all to ALL the books I am SUPERDUPER hyped about in March 2022! So many great releases are coming and I want them all~

Where did the month go? Really, it feels like it just barely February, but it is actually almost March! The months are flying.

This month I got plenty of paperbacks, which means I can buy them! Haha, now to decide which ones are coming home now, and which will have to wait. Be sure to let me know in the comments which ones you think I should definitely add to my shelves (other than Covet and Rainbow Grey as those are must-buys). I am very hyped about these books and it looks like I will be spending my, hopefully, spring-filled March reading some great books~

I am absolutely HYPED HYPED HYPED for Covet by Tracy Wolff! It is a torture to wait for the paperbacks, but sadly the hardcovers are just a tad too expensive for me. Otherwise I would just do that because then I didn’t have to wait too long. XD

Still no pre-orders. Again, still waiting for several books that are out… but Amazon just isn’t getting them in stock (when will that book I pre-ordered in November come???).

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