If You Could Only Read One

If You Could Only Read One

Hello all~

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Welcome to a new Tag?? Questions? Well, bookish related thing let’s keep it at that! Today I did the If You Could Only Read One! And boy I had fun!

I came across this one at the end of January over at the amazing Books with Bunny and I just had to do it myself. My blog is quite full though so it took a bit of time before I could get to it~ But here we are! I believe that Kathryn Booksville is the original creator, if not, let me know.



PHEW! That is a hard one, but I guess I will be going for *drum roll*: Terry Pratchett! I just ADORE his book, from the Discworld series to his standalone stuff. He has a real knack for writing fun stories that make you laugh, that is filled with magic and fun! I wouldn’t mind living on his books for a lifetime. Re-reading them over and over.

Terry Pratchett, Discworld, Fantasy, Humour


Also not easy but I will just pick one of my favourite books and not go for Fangirl as I always do. XD I pick Dowry of Blood, an amazing book about vampires, about romance, and so much more. It was an amazing book and I wouldn’t mind going back again and again.

Dowry of Blood, Vampires, Dracula, Letters, LGBT, Fantasy, Horror, Brown, Skeletons, Veil, Woman, Dancing, Retelling, Brown, Red, Flowers, Blood


I will go for this one! This series is just the best! I love Hazel and Daisy and all the murders they come across. They travel to places, but there are also murders taking place at their boarding school. And anyone who knows me knows I just LOVE boarding school stories. Especially with murder. XD

Murder Most Unladylike, Robin Stevens


And that is it! I had tons of fun! And I would tag all my readers who think this is a fun one to do! Be sure to let me know if you do it, because I am very curious about what you would pick! Have a great day, thanks for reading!

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