Library Haul ~ 12-3-2022 (Library #2 + #3)

Library Haul ~ 12-3-2022 (Library #2 + #3)

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Welcome all to an EPIC haul for Library #2 and #3! Yesterday I visited these two libraries and I had a great time~

The three weeks have really flown by, it doesn’t feel like it has been 3 weeks! But here we are! And I could definitely use some new books from the libraries.

First up Library #2! I had 29 reservations waiting for me and a few that they hadn’t found, so I wanted to check those first. After that hit/miss search, I found several other fun books while walking around. The new releases tables even had a few surprises for me so that always makes me happy. I check their new releases online, but sometimes they add new releases first to the table before adding it to their site.. don’t ask why. XD

It was quite hard to find my reservations, because someone else has a similar name in the same part. Haha, so in the end for the last book I asked a librarian if she could help me out to find it because I was just all too overwhelmed. Next time though it won’t happen. I was finally able to get my surname fixed to that of my husband. I haven’t had time to do so because of many reasons, one of which was 2 years of Corona. Sadly, it means a whole new pass and a whole new account apparently aka I lose all the information on previous books, my wishlist + the recommendations will all be messed up. Whereas Library #1 was just able to give me a new pass and add a new name to my account, this one required everything to be changed. Oh well, still worth it!

Off to Library #3 and I had fun walking around there and seeking all the new books! I am so excited to find some amazing books there, including the newest of Sigmund and Ekhö! Both I have been hoping to find at them for a few months now. So yay!!

STATS: 40 books from Library #2 and 12 from Library #3! 52 books in total~ 8 non-fiction, 5 comics/graphic novel, 11 picture books, 28 fiction.

NOTE: First picture is Library #3, the others are Library #2

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Dubbeldate by Suzanne Peters
Mijn lust en mijn leven by Marith Iedema
Stapt een vrouw in de auto by Natalie Hanssen
These Witches Don’t Burn by Isabel Sterling
Sweet Home Carolina by Debra-Eliza Mane
Ninja Kid #5 by Anh Do
Leon & Mikki: Het eindelozesprookjesboek by Josien de Graaf
De kleuren van de brand by Pierre Lemaître
The Rest Between Two Notes by Fran Forman
Sigmund 31 by Peter de Wit
Ekhö 10 by Alessandro Barbucci
De wondere wereld van Eva by Eva Toorenent

De race naar het noorden by Rop Zoutberg
Redders langs de kust by Mariëtte Middelbeek
Kogels voor de kroongetuige by John van den Heuvel
Het schitterende samenboek by Yuval Zommer
Een tegen allen by Mia Cassany
Het dierenrecordboek by Katharina Vestre, Linnea Vestre

A Mouse called Miika by Matt Haig
Sem eet jam by Sally Rippin
Maartjes bolle beest by Sally Rippin
Spit de lama gaat kamperen by Monique Berndes
Prinses Simone 3 by Robbert Damen
Kitten tegen 2 by Stan Silas
Noortje 32 by Jan Steeman
Voor de liefste opa by Bette Westera, Marije van der Linden
Baas van iets groots by Nelleke Verhoef
Lala’s Woorden by Gracey Zhang
Toen by Jihyun Kim
Olivier de olifant, onze grote vriend by Sean Taylor
Jan, de onderjebedkijkman by Erik Nieuwenhuis
Beer by Richard Jones
Een deur in het bos by Yoeri Slegers
Hé, wil jij mijn vriendje zijn? by Russel Ayto
Mopperberen 1 by Myriam Ouyessad
De blaadjesdief by Alice Hemming

Met een beetje geluk by Tmaara Haagmans
Familiebanden by Bianca van Strien
Verborgen verlangen by Lizzie van den Ham, Debra Eliza Mane
Zwijgmannen by Jaap Robben
Revanche by Mariëtte Middelbeek
Souvenir by Suzanne Vermeer
Een broer | Een zus by Brigitte Van Aken
You’ll be the Death of Me by Karen McManus
The Familiar Dark by Amy Engel
Vlucht naar het eiland by Margreet Maljers
Zoals je bent by Simone Foekens
Retourtje Elzas by Margreet Maljers
Onverwacht by Angelique van Dongen
Thee met koekjes by Angelique van Dongen
Winter in Cockleberry Bay by Nicola May
Beter dan ooit by Angelique van Dongen

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