Library Haul ~ 2-3-2022 (Library #1)

Library Haul ~ 2-3-2022 (Library #1)

Hey all~

Welcome to a shiny new Library Haul post! On Wednesday I visited Library #1 to get a fresh batch of books~

I wasn’t sure which day to go, either Wednesday or Thursday. I decided to go on Wednesday so I could have a relaxing day on Thursday. It was gorgeous weather, for real, Spring is really coming. Well, I hope at least. Haha, you never know with the weather in my country. XD

I am not too happy that masks and distance are all scrapped as rules. LORD. It was so busy in the library and nobody cared. I was one of the very few peeps wearing a mask (and trying my best to keep distance). sighs I really have to get used to things again… but I think there will be a lot of anxiety and panic attacks before that happens. 😐

Back to happier things! I had fun looking around and finding books! I had quite some luck with books again this time. I even found a new section over at the YA department that had some fab books I wan to check out next time.

I am so excited about Indigo Wilde, I have had my eyes on the book for ages but Amazon just doesn’t have it in stock or it is overpriced, so I am hyped that the library added it. And then there is a new comic series (Eleonora Mandragora) which sounds magical and hilarious. dances

STATS: 12 books. 3 comics, 1 non-fiction, 8 fiction.

Pictures, Emoji, Cute

Book List, Emoji, Cute
Liefde in de grote stad by Sang Young Park
Indigo Wilde by Pippa Curnick
Duif en muis by Katrien Vandewoude
Pien Vermeer en de Getekende Stad by Rob Biddulph
Lonely Hearts by Jen Minkman
Liefde in Milaan by Saskia M.N. Oudshoorn
Het Resort by Phoebe Morgan
Craft Beer by Raoul van Neer
Land van verwarring by Siska Goeminne, Eva Hilhorst
Acception #2 by Coco Ouwererkerk
Eleonora Mandragora #1 by Séverine Gauthier
Eleonora Mandragora #1 by Séverine Gauthier

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