Library Haul ~ 24-3-2022 (Library #1)

Library Haul ~ 24-3-2022 (Library #1)

Afternoon all~

A fluffy Spring welcome to a shiny new Library Haul!

Keeping it short, I am so tired (writing this one at 8pm after a long day), but I do want to share my haul! It is a fantastic one! dances

It has been three weeks since my last visit (which had me all confused as it doesn’t feel like three weeks) and so it was high time to visit! Thankfully, so thankfully, the weather has been fantastic this week and I enjoyed some Spring sun while cycling to Library #1.

And I had tons of luck at Library #1! I kept finding great-looking-sounding books~ New and some older books. I am a bit on the fence on the Peanut Jones book, I tried the Dutch translation and just couldn’t get through it, so I am hoping the English (and thus the original) works better. I am also very excited about the new comics/graphic novels I got. I always love a good GN/Comic and I am excited that Library #1 is adding some more to their collection.

STATS: 15 books. 4 comics/GN, 2 picture books, 9 fiction.

Pictures, Emoji, Cute

Book List, Emoji, Cute
De volgende scan duurt vijf minuten by Lieke Marsman
Schoon genoeg by Suzanne Peters
Ring Ring by Jeroen Zijlstra
Mijn hart van ijs by Jen Minkman
Liefdesverdriet en andere ongevallen by Lucia Zamolo
Ik zal je vinden by Daka Hermon
Dichter nr.22 by various authors
Peanut Jones and the Illustrated City by Rob Biddulph
Knight Sir Louis and the Dragon of Doooooom by Brothers McLeod
Binnen bij de buren by Einat Tsarfati
Waar is mama? by Hong Cuili, Mr Biro
Come Together by Chamblain, Goalec, Drac, Mommaert, Devis
Centralia by Miel Vandepitte
Adventureman #1 by Terry Dodson
Ninn #1 by Darlot, Pilet

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