Put a Spring in Your Step Book Tag

Put a Spring in Your Step Book Tag

Hi all!

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A flowery welcome to a new Book Tag! Today I participate in the Put a Spring in Your Step Book Tag!!! Yas!

It is getting more and more Spring here, and I am so ready for it. Well, OK, my hayfever is clearly not ready, but I am. XD I was browsing around for some fun new tags, and then especially spring tags, when I found this one and I just HAD to do it!

I found this one over at Jillian the Bookish Butterfly Blog, be sure to check out her answers. Seems the original may be Bookables.

How do you decorate your bookshelves?

With all sorts of fun knickknacks I have. From tiny little cat statues to bookish items to a Funkopop or two. I try not to add to much, the focus should be on the books, but some decorations here and there are welcome!

Recommend a book with beautiful descriptions of nature

Phew, that is a hard one! I have read several books like that, but I am just not the best in remembering everything. XD I guess I will go for two that have some nice descriptions, if that counts as well, and I really wanted to step in the books. Just see the mountains and the lake and the forest myself.
Big Sky Mountain by Alex Milway, Adventure, Family, Friendship, Animals, Funny, Children's Book, Girl, Moose, Bear, house, CabinBig Sky Mountain: The Forest Wolves by Alex Milway, Girl, Wolves, Forest, Children's Books

Show us a book with a beautiful cover
Young Adult, Romance, Magic, Fantasy, Retelling, Six Crimson Cranes #1) by Elizabeth Lim, Pink, Blue, White, Birds, Fantasy,
JUST ONE???? Do you know how many GORGEOUS covers there are out there? *sighs and breathes in* OK. This one then! One of my recent cover favourites.
Spring is all about new starts so itโ€™s the perfect time to start a new series: what would you recommend?

The Wizards of Once (The Wizards of Once #1) by Cressida CowellDekoboko Sugar Days, Yusen Atsuko, Sweets, Milk, Boys, Hugging, Cute, Manga, LGBTThe Haunting of Aveline Jones (Aveline Jones #1) by Phil Hickes (Goodreads Author), Keith Robinson , Horror, Scary, Creepy, Children's Book, Girl, Flashlight, Leaves, AutumnHaha, do you have a few minutes? I got quite a few series I would recommend! Here are three of my favourite series~

Itโ€™s almost time to start reading outsideโ€”have you been brave enough yet?

Haha, well, this past week I have spend quite some time outside, not read anything yet though. Would mean getting all the pillows on the chairs and such, not in the mood just yet, especially given that next week it may get colder again. *shivers* And before this sunny week… well, it was just too cool. Hopefully soon though! I would love to just lounge outside and read~

Spring cleaningโ€”which books are you unhauling?

Nothing! I recently (like 2-3 months ago) did a big unhaul and well I now don’t have any books I want to unhaul. All the books are fine!

And which books are you going to replace them with?

Covet (Crave #3) by Tracy Wolff, Chains, Romance, Young Adult, Boarding School, Paranormal, Werewolves, Gargoyles, Vampires, Dragons, Witches, Magic, Fantasy, RedDread Wood by Jennifer Killick, Children's Book, MysteryWow in the World: Wow in the Wild: The Amazing World of Animals by Mindy Thomas, Guy Raz, Jack Teagle , Animals, Non-Fiction, Humour, Children's BooksReminders of Him, Colleen Hoover, Contemporary, Romance, Mistakes, Adult, Blue, Pink, Birds

Well, not going to unhaul as I already said. But I do have some books I am eyeing that I hope to add to my shelves soon. Well, in Covet’s case I hope it is this year.. because so far the paperback is nowhere to be found.


And that is it!!! This was just so much fun and it definitely brought me in an even more spring mood~ Thank you all for reading and I hoped you had fun! Let me know in the comments you thought + if you have been outside for your reading time or if it is still not the right temperature, like here~

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