Review for Beauty and the Beast – Belle’s Tale

Review for Beauty and the Beast – Belle’s Tale

Beauty and the Beast - Belle's Tale (Full-Color Edition) by Mallory Reaves, Gabriella Sinopoli Sinopoli (Illustrations), Studio Dice, Romance, Fantasy, Beauty and the Beast, Reading, Books, Magic, CurseI received this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

I was very much hyped about this graphic novel with manga-style art. I love Belle and the Beast and I always love reading books about it, either original, retelling, or whatever else is out there. XD

In this book we follow Belle. We all know the story of how things go. Dad disappears, Belle goes after him, she meets the Beast. Stays there. Romance blooms. Drama happens. But despite knowing all the story, despite it not bringing anything new, it was still fabulous to read. And I just love Belle. She is so strong, yes the comments and remarks of people hurt her… but she stays strong and true to herself. I love that she loves to read. I wish we had seen just a bit more of that in this one. We see it at the beginning, but then when she gets to the Beast it just gets less. I would have loved to see that library way more! Also, can I just step in the story? I want to check out all those books~

The ending was just as dreamy as it always was. It made me smile! Though really Beast just keep your hair the way it was when you turned because those curls… no.

However, make up your mind on the text direction. It went from left to right to right to left. It was utterly confusing. Go with one or the other, but don’t do both. I had to re-read several pages (and some I just gave up on because there was too much dialogue and too little sense) and that is just not something you want your readers to do. That is also why it lost 1 star.

The art was pretty OK (I do love that this edition is all colour, it made things come to life more), but at times things were just odd. Facial expressions for instance. The furniture was a tad off/weird. Proportions didn’t always seem to go right (I had a laugh at how big that carriage was from the inside it went from being house sized to being barely big enough to contain two people). And why was everything so blurry at times? It was truly a shame, I do hope that in the edition that is coming out it will be fixed and that this is just something the ARC has.

All in all, despite some issues, I still had fun reading this one and I am glad I had the chance to read it. I am not sure if I will be reading the Beast’s tale, while I like his POV, Belle’s is still my favourite. And again, the text directions being all over the place.. not a motivation.

Star rating, 2.5 starsStar rating, 3 stars

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