Review for Big Sky Mountain: The Forest Wolves

Review for Big Sky Mountain: The Forest Wolves

Big Sky Mountain: The Forest Wolves by Alex Milway, Girl, Wolves, Forest, Children's BooksRosa is back! This time a storm, wolves, friendship, and more! This was another fun book in the Big Sky Mountain series~

So delighted I got both books in the Big Sky Mountain series! While I did wait a bit before reading the next one, I could at least continue! And this book fitted well with things happening lately. In this one we also get a big storm! Sadly, no wolves in real life (at least not close by), but haha, that is fine with me. XD

In this one Rosa and Nan are building an extension to the house, yep! Rosa is really settling in and well, it is just not doable to sleep together for even longer (hello, Nan is snoring + you want your own space). I loved that Nan and Rosa were doing something together, something that is new to Rosa. I definitely wanted to step into the story to see if I could help/learn all about the craft! It seems awesome to build your own home (a real one and not a hut in the forest to play in). But we also got another adventure next to getting that place build which includes getting wood! Namely the storm and what happens after that, which involved a super duper mega adorable little wolf club named Stick!

I just loved the adventure that followed! We meet new animals, I really loved the hedgehogs (especially the kids were just the cutest), there is some action and some scary moments! I was 120% into the story and just couldn’t stop reading! I had to know if they would find a family for the little cub (though I had my suspicions on which way this would go), I had to know if the forest would be fine again after such a big storm. I loved seeing Rosa learn new things!

Plus, there is also a big part about appearances and that not everyone is bad. For instance the bisons are big and break a lot… but they also do some amazing stuff. And wolves? They aren’t so scary as everyone makes them out to be (which reminds me of a discussion that is constantly going in my country about the wolves slowly coming back to our country). I loved that this was added and loved how it was integrated in the story.

Once again the art was just fab!

All in all, I really had tons of fun and I cannot wait for more books in this series! What will be next for Rosa and her gran? What will she learn next? Which animals will we meet? I would highly recommend this book!

Star rating, 5 stars

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