Review for Big Sky Mountain

Review for Big Sky Mountain

Big Sky Mountain by Alex Milway, Adventure, Family, Friendship, Animals, Funny, Children's Book, Girl, Moose, Bear, house, CabinA fun new adventure featuring animals by Alex Milway! I had so much fun reading this one!

So I was recently at my bookstore when I saw the Dutch edition of this book and I was just totally hyped! Because I just love Alex Milway’s books, his Hotel Flamingo series was just fantastic! As soon as I got home I ordered the books (both that were out) in English on Amazon (if only bookstores had more English/any English).

In this very first book we meet Rosa, a girl who, for mysterious reasons that we don’t know yet, travels to go live with her grandma. Now that doesn’t sound very adventurous right? Well, her grandma lives in the middle of nowhere. She lives in the wilds of Big Sky Mountain! The only way to get there? By a tiny plane. Rosa has to do her surname honor (Wild) because she is going to be having tons of adventures. I just adored the premise and I instantly took a liking to Rosa. The grandma however… while I do love a kick-ass grandma who doesn’t care she is a bit older and still goes on adventures… I just didn’t like how she welcomed Rosa and also how at times she acted like she didn’t believe her to be a Wild. And one time she remarked that she wasn’t too happy with Rosa staying.. Which hello, she sent you a letter. She gave a warning. If you don’t sent a letter back or at least give a sign of life, you shouldn’t be surprised that people are suddenly visiting. Thankfully, grandma turned out to be quite nice and I loved seeing Rosa and her get closer with each page of the book.

I also loved how eager Rosa is to learn new things and how she tries her best to be a Wild. She only been here a few days at the end of the book but she already is changing and I loved all she learned in those days.

I loved that the animals here all talk! Just like in Hotel Flamingo! We meet various fun animals over the course of this book, including a moose who keeps getting his head (antlers) stuck in the window frame. Oops! I have to say I am still not a fan of the bunny, and I think the beavers should just have talked things over first before doing things.

There is plenty of adventure happening because new animals are arriving and grandma and Rosa are going to find out who these newcomers are! Which, given they are in the wild, isn’t such an easy trip!

The illustrations are just fab! I love them!

All in all, I am so happy with this new series by Alex Milway. Humour, mud-throwing, family, adventure, and animals! I flew through this book and I would recommend it to all.

Star rating, 5 stars

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