Review for Croc O’Clock

Review for Croc O’Clock

Croc o’Clock by Huw Lewis Jones, Ben Sanders, Humour, Children's Book, Crocodile, Food, Picture Book, Hunger, Hungry, Zoo, The Twelve Days of Christmas, RepetitionA fun and hilarious reimagining of the song The Twelve Days of Christmas, just now with a very very hungry croc (like seriously, so hungry).

Yes, maybe not the right time to read reimaginings of Christmas songs, but I just couldn’t resist this fun looking book when I saw it on Goodreads. I was curious what this croc would be eating and if it would be enough for him after a while~

In this one we meet BIG BIG BIIIIIGGG croc who is apparently getting bigger by the hour, yes, really. I had such a fun time reading what kind of foods the croc was being fed! And it is a real assortment of anything you can imagine and I have to say, despite having lunch just 30 minutes ago, I was getting hungry as well. Well, OK, maybe not for pumpkin pies, but I do love a mountain of macaroni! And French fries? Yum! Doughnuts, YAS! It may not be the most healthy food ever, but this is a kid’s book so I can forgive it, not to mention… there is the ending. 😉 I am sure kids would get bored if they saw a croc just getting his normal food of meat and tons of veggies. This is way more colourful and way happier. But boy, this croc is getting some food! I can imagine that he is the biggest in the world, anyone would be if they ate this much (though I think most would just get sick, or maybe, just like Monty Python’s sketch, explode).

I loved how, just like in the song The Twelve Days of Christmas, things were repeated. For instance this page and the 3rd hour:

“At three on the zoo clock
the keepers give to me…
3 French Fries
2 Cups of Tea
And a mountain of macaroni”

I had a laugh at the ending. I cannot say much more than that because it would be a spoiler! But I loved it.

Some extra bonus points to the creator of this Youtube video. I read this one through Youtube, love love those readaloud channels, and this channel has added something extra, things are moving! Drips of tea are dripping, a bird lands on the croc’s head, and more! It made it so playful.

The illustrations were just pure fun! I love the colours, bright and fun and really bringing the story to life. Bonus points to the fun cover~

Star rating, 4 stars

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