Review for Dating Dracula

Review for Dating Dracula

Dating Dracula, Kinsley Adams, Romance, Paranormal, Humour,A fun, hilarious and romantic about a girl turned into a vampire and ends up dating her sire.. who is also Dracula. XD

I participated in the Book Blitz/Release Day Blitz for this one last year and it was around that time I also got the Kindle book. And now I finally had time/was in the mood to read it! And boy, this was so much fun! Vampires, romance, mystery, exciting moments and murderous peeps.

Sorry in advance if my review is a tad confusing, I am still filled with all the emotions!

You know that one saying (Curiosity killed the cat)? Well, our MC apparently didn’t… because she is a big snoop and stuck her nose (and her phone) into the wrong things. And now she is dead and turned. Yep. Despite her being a tad annoying at times, I still really liked the MC, especially as the time went on. I loved that while she did struggle a bit with her new reality, she also tried to embrace it! Learning about it as much as she could, either from the website she got or from asking Vlad and others. I had fun seeing her become more and more vampire as the story continued. At first she was really a baby vampire but with the story continuing we see that her scent is heightening and that she is now also able to pick up moods/emotions (which can cause the occasional embarrassment because horniness is also noticeable. XD). Plus, she is getting stronger and stronger! Disadvantage though, your appearance will always be the same, you are stuck with how you look. While I was conflicted on how she reacted to the big bad vampire that was still hunting her, I do think it was pretty good of her to just step up and make a stand. Yes, it wasn’t the handiest, but I would have done the same thing. Fuck that bastard. You already murdered me, just leave me the fuck alone.

I loved that vampires were out in the open in the book and that we learn about the hierarchy in that world. Plus, I absolutely LOVED finding out about the vampires and who they really were back when they were human, there were some nice twists that had me gasping! There were also other things that Vlad had to explain, like the orgy thing, or that there are people just willing to donate blood.

Near the end of the book the pace really picked up and we got some exciting moments that had me on the edge of my seat! Given that there are more books to come I knew things would end up fine, but it was still very exciting and OMG.

I have to say I wasn’t sure about the whole mate thing that Dracula was talking about, but in the end I have to say it worked out. He wasn’t pushy about it, he didn’t go on and on about it, he was really sweet towards Anna. And they sure had chemistry! I was shipping these two so so much!

There were a few times that had me scratching my head. For instance the running water thing, you went under the shower right?? Or that she apparently totally forgot she couldn’t vlog because of the whole reflections deal which Vlad clearly explained to her at the beginning.

I am also not sure how I feel about vampires not keeping up with technology or at least trying to. Vlad does everything old-fashioned and I was just rolling my eyes. I have read several vampire stories and Vlad isn’t the first one. I am currently watching What We Do In the Shadows and while they at least know what a laptop is and how to get mail… they still are so out of the loop and it just surprises me. Really? If I was a vampire and something fun and new came out? I would give it a shot. Try it out! Especially in What We Do in the Shadows were they rely on living blood donors..

Also, could we please just get a book about Lucy and the werewolf hottie? Please!!! I need it!!

All in all, this was one action-packed, romance-filled, and also with a great dollop of humour book and I definitely want more! I would recommend this one to all!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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