Review for Dekoboko Bittersweet Days

Review for Dekoboko Bittersweet Days

Dekoboko Bittersweet Days (Dekoboko Sugar Days #2) by Atsuko Yusen, Manga, LGBT, Romance, Sex, Boys, Cute,I received this book from Netgalley/publisher in exchange of an honest review.

OMGGGG My boys are back! Two years after I read Dekoboko Sugar Days we finally have the sequel! Dekoboko Bittersweet Days!~ I was just absolutely excited and hyped when I saw the book pop up on Netgalley~

This review will be chaotic. I am sorry. I want to write a review, but I also just want to lie on the ground and flail around a bit. XD

I loved that we got a Chapter 0 explaining how our guys got together and how things continue. I am happy with that because while I know most of the things, it has been two years, so a refresher is just perfect~ Thanks!

And the story just picks up where we left~ We see our couple and see them manoeuvre through life. Have some fun moments. Sexy moments. We even get some flashbacks to when they were children and I just adored that those were added. We see our boys (and their friends) thinking of what to do next in their lives, college/university is fast approaching and they have to do decide. I do have to say I was a tad pissed at Rui. I mean, he knew there was that chance. He knew that he may go to there. I just wished he had talked it over with Yuujirou in time, not when he told the teacher about what was going to happen. I am glad that they talked quickly afterwards and not let it fester and ruin things. And you know, now that they talked I could also kind of understand why Rui is considering this option. But from this moment… something has changed between the two, also made bigger because they cannot come out to their family. My heard just broke.

I wasn’t sure about Takenaka because of how obsessed he seemed with Rui (at times I was confused into who he was more interesting the sister or the brother)… but he did step up big time in the parts where the relationship with Rui and Yuujirou fell apart. He was there to punch (literally) some sense into Yuujirou and I loved that. I was worried he would just interfere and do something horrible, but here he is, being a hero. Doing what a good friend should do.

There are so many sex scenes. OMG, I knew that they had reached that next step in the previous book, but holy wow. XD But no complaints here. The scenes were well-written. Plus, I am so happy with yaoi with consent and happy relationships. I loved that both of them took the lead and Rui even learned some tricks (which just delivered a priceless expression on Yuujirou’s face).

That final chapter, just chef kiss~ I just have to put this quote here, will put it under spoiler tags because…. Yuujirou: Now that my face is closer to yours…. I can kiss you… more easily. I was just so happy for my guys and I loved seeing what they were up to. How they were trying to get through those 4 years. Working hard. Both of them doing their own things. Chatting together thanks to the internet and modern communication. Then they met up again, and I was just freaking crying. I keep on crying with this manga. LORD. The tears are flowing! It was just the best ending!

I loved this one, again, sorry for the chaotic review, I tried to sort and organise it a bit better, but I am not sure if it is much better, haha. This manga just makes me so emotional. It is well-written, beautiful, and I love the characters. I will miss them. The art is just gorgeous, at times even more than that!

I would highly recommend this one to all!

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