Review for Every Bunny is a Yoga Bunny

Review for Every Bunny is a Yoga Bunny

Every Bunny is a Yoga Bunny by Emily Ann Davison, Deborah Allwright , Bunnies, ADHD, Yoga, Cute, Picture Book, Forest, Spring, Children's BooksI received this book from the publisher/Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I am so happy I got the chance to read this one because I just love yoga and I love bunnies~ It is a perfect combo!

Meet Yo-Yo, a very hyper and active bunny who really reminds me of myself! Throughout the book I was just seeing myself. Just in bunny form! I loved seeing Yo-Yo bounce around, loved seeing her get distracted by pretty butterflies (and girl, I understand that fully), and more! Plus, I loved that her family was trying to help her find some calm and peace and I loved that Yo-Yo at least tried. Though haha, you can guess how it went. Ohh, ticklish grass. Oh, something moves. XD

It was fun to see what was next. I had a laugh, though I also knew that things may just get a tad scarier. Because she is totally going for it! But, since this is a picture book, I knew things would be fine! And I was right! I was so happy for our cute little bunny, not just for finding her way out, but also seeing that yoga does work for her! Again, no spoilers, this is a children’s book and 99% of those have HEAs.

Sadly, whereas Yo-Yo worked out that yoga works for her and that she can find some peace and quiet, I know that it won’t work with my ADHD brain. Yes, Yoga is fun if it is about the moves and then especially when they are a tad harder to do, but meditation? I tried. I really did. It worked once, I fell asleep when we weren’t supposed to. XD But after that. Nothing. I got other mechanisms that work for me to find a bit more quiet. Like doing a lot of exercise (aka let my energy burn) for 10-20 minutes. Or just do multiple things at once to stop the flow of thoughts. XD

The art was really adorable and I just love the style. The colours are great, they really scream SPRING at me, which I could really use.

Loved LOVED that some yoga positions were added!

All in all, a fun book about a cute bunny finding some peace and quiet with meditation~

Star rating, 4 stars

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