Review for I Need a New Butt!

Review for I Need a New Butt!

I Need a New Butt! by Dawn McMillan, Picture Book, Humour, Butts, Imagination, Children's Books, Boy, Ross KinnairdA laugh out loud book about a little boy who decides he needs a new butt… his got a crack!

I already eyed this book some time now, but then I read an article that a principal in the US got fired after reading this book! We can’t have that. Really, it is getting freaking ridiculous with all the book banning and book this and that being “bad”. So I thought I would read this one, write a review! Help this book get some love, show it is silly to ban books/fire people for reading a book like this. So I moved around some things in my blog schedule (I am all full for March and half of April) so that this book’s review would be up quickly.

In this hilarious book that will delight young readers (and also some older ones, like me) we meet a little boy who finds out that his butt is cracked. Yep. And so he wonders where it happened. I just had such a laugh at all he was imagining could be the cause. From a fart to a slide. To be honest, the fart was very relatable. XD

And then follows the quest on what new butt to choose. There are all sorts of butts, from coloured ones to flair (taking the saying to a new and literal level). I had so much fun seeing him think of all the butts he could have, and BOY there are many. I would definitely not mind having a choice of butts. Would be fun! I laughed a lot during this part. So so much.

The art was also fun. The illustrator really can draw butts! And it made everything written become even more funny.

The ending, I was wondering how it would go, butt I definitely hadn’t seen that one coming. It is a good ending!

All in all, this book is just fantastic. Let’s stop banning books and just have fun again. Let kids read and be read aloud to whatever they want. If they want butts, then go for it! Recommended!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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