Review for Journey to the Moon

Review for Journey to the Moon

Girl, Moon, Flag, Journey to the Moon (Astronaut Girl #1) by Cathy Hapka, Ellen Vandenberg, Gillian Reid, Space, Fun, Children's Books, Brother, Cat, Friendship, ImaginationA fun imaginative read!

I was looking for some new chapter/early children’s books to buy when I came across this one on Twitter. I had to have it! I love space and I love imaginary adventure!

And this book was just the cutest and so much fun! We meet a girl named Val who is all about the science of space and space travel! She is very much into it. It isn’t just a fleeting thing, oh no, this girl has been at it since she very very little. Helped a lot by her dad who is an astrophys. While I really liked Val and loved how much she knew.. at times she was just a tad too much and that mostly happened towards her newest friend, Wallace who is less about the science of space and more about writing something exciting! Thankfully, she does mellow and in the end they do form a duo. I was very proud of Val when she realised that she went just a tad too far with her facts and pushing them onto someone. That she could educate him on some things, but to also let him have fun.

Wallace was just such a sweet boy and I loved how eager he was about the show and how he was trying to write a script for it! Even making a little alien to go along with it which I just thought was fab! I loved that he wasn’t letting bossy (at least in the beginning) Val ruin his fun~

I loved it when they went on their imaginary travel to the moon! Had so much fun seeing Val go completely in her element, knowing exactly what to do, and then the facts really started to come and I was just loving it. And that says a lot, because fact-giving characters can go two ways for me. Annoying and braggy to OK this is cool and give me more. I loved seeing what they did on the moon (a lot of exploring) and it was just so funny that she brought her baby brother and her cat along and that they even were wearing helmets.

The ending was fab, I loved how the author made it seem like they went on way more than an imaginary adventure!

And then there are the illustrations and BOY I just loved them. They were cute and fun and fitted really well with the story.

I definitely want to buy the rest of the books because I want to see what is next for Wallace and Val! I would also recommend these books to all~

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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