Review for Mom Milestones

Review for Mom Milestones

Mom Milestones: The Highs, Lows, Surprises, and Joys of Early Motherhood, Grace Farris, Parenting, Motherhood, Illustrations, Baby, Children, Humour, Cute, INspirationalI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

So I have no kids of mine own (and no plans either) but I do love books like this about parenting, about motherhood. And this one seemed even more fun as it looked like a graphic novel.

In this book we get A LOT of milestones from 0-5/6 years old. And not just milestones of moms, oh no, also of the baby! I had fun reading about the milestones and loved that instead of stopping at 3/4 years old it went up to elementary school age and a big further. We read about all the things that come with pregnancy and parenting. From well-meant advices to changing diapers to food and the struggle that becomes to sleeping and snuggling to going to preschool, about chats after school. We read about dislikes and likes. And we even get some motivational/inspirational notes which I loved.

The book is very playful and colourful and easy on the eyes. There isn’t just text (with fun hand-written font that is thankfully easy to read), but there are tons and tons of pictures. From bingo cards to what certain body parts (or a cake in case of the first birthday cake) may do during x milestone, like Toddler Mom and Digestive Tract Anatomy with things like: “Rectum – rarely allowed to operate without an audience” or “Mouth – describes how marvellous everything tastes.” to fun images supposed to look like photographs! There was a lot and I was never bored while reading.

This was such a fun book and I am happy I had the chance to read it! I would recommend it to all looking for a fun book about motherhood with funny moments, inspirational moments, some sad moments, and much more!

Star rating, 3.5 stars

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