Review for Norman Space Bat 2: Game on

Review for Norman Space Bat 2: Game on

Norman Space Bat 2: Game on by Jake Evanoff, Mark Nino Balita, Green, Norman Space Bat, Superpowers, Villains, Children's Book, Superheroes, Evil PlansI received this book from the author/publisher in exchange of an honest review!

I was so excited when I got the mail from the author regarding this book! I loved his first book about Norman and so I was so delighted that there was a second book! Yes, I want to review that! Haha. I need to see what is next for our heroes~

I love that the author did a Welcome Back and added a small recap to the introduction. That so reminds me of comics, they also often do a small introduction/recap~

And then it begins! Well, OK, we first get to see all that happened in the past time! Because the VIPD hasn’t been sitting quietly since the last book, they have been doing all sorts of BIG plans!  From evil robot pterodactyls to laserbeams! And then the story really starts. We see that Norman just wants to know what is on the hard disk, know what VIPD plans are! And really, I could imagine. You are being targeted almost non-stop and then your friends don’t want to tell you anything. I would have done the same as Norman. And that is, breaking and entering the headquarters of the VIPD. Yes, a cray cray plan given everything, but I just loved it and I was rooting for Plop and Norman to get inside and be safe. I also had a laugh because a lot is happening and we get some fabulous facial expressions.

Not to mention laughing even harder due to the villains and their silly passwords. Kids, 1-2-3-4… is not a password. XD Make something harder. You are villains, you can do it! Well, given everything… maybe they should just hire someone.

I loved all that happened next! From Plop finding someone special to an exciting chase with the villains and Norman! There is just not one moment of boredom. I just couldn’t stop reading because it was so fun and exciting! There is a big PLAN and I was curious to see if Norman and his friends would get through that one safely!

The ending was a bit expected but I still loved it and I also had a laugh. I guess that is a big job for the next book! Yes, I am sure there will be more, the author just cannot leave us hanging like that!

And the art was once again so much fun!! Fab facial expressions, the characters just pop out of the book, and more! I also love the colours~

All in all, this second book was just as big of a hit with me as the first book! I had so much fun reading this book with tons of adventure, space, and villains~ I would recommend it!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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