Review for Nuclear Winter Vol. 2

Review for Nuclear Winter Vol. 2

Nuclear Winter Vol. 2, Cab, Graphic Novel, Winter, Sister, Adventure, Action, SnowIt is time for a new day in Canada’s forever winter… and this time we get a new character!

I am so so hyped that Amazon FINALLY had this book in stock again, it has been MONTHS and I was constantly staring at it and hoping that it would be in stock. And in February it was time! It was in stock! And I could continue reading.

It pretty much continues where we left in the previous volume! Flavie trying to get through her day, leaving her comfortable house to go and deliver or find stuff! There is even one big quest for Marco, you know the guy she likes and who likes her though she is completely denying it, because he needs some cough syrup and it is nowhere to be found. I just loved that Flavie went through such big lengths to find an item that someone needed. She is really fabulous character and I love how hard she works. I do have to say I was worried about her, because Flavie needs her meds for the mutagenic effects. We see that it is really flaring up and I just wanted to go on a quest for her! To find some meds!

We also have a new character and I have to say that it took well up until the middle/end before I started liking her. Meet Elsie, Flavie’s younger sister! Why I didn’t like her? Well, I am just not into characters who barge into homes without letting people know in advance and then expect that people have everything ready and are also all ready to party. Girl, what? No. Just No. I would have acted the same way as Flavie. Hello, if I worked all day long in freezing cold and harsh circumstances there is no way I am going to party or do much at the evening hours. Plus, I don’t know, something just wasn’t sitting right with me with Elsie. And later we find out what that is and I just couldn’t help but go I was right!! As the end neared I did start to like Elsie a bit more. She showed that she truly cared about her sister and I loved that she was there when things went out of hand. That she kicked some serious ass. I also liked that she found out how Flavie felt about the postcards. While her personality/actions weren’t my thing, I do love her design. Her hair is absolutely amazing! I wish I could have pink hair! The shaved parts I do have, but the colour, man, I wish~

I also love that Marco and Flavie are getting closer! I hope for more of that in the next volume~ crosses fingers

I just love how much action and excitement there is and I was also happy to meet an old friend, who seemingly still loves bagels (same little dude, same).

All in all, I flew through this graphic novel and I will be buying (or at least trying) the next volume soon~ I need more of this series, more of these characters!

Star rating, 5 stars

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