Review for The Knight Cartoonist and Her Orc Editor, Vol. 1

Review for The Knight Cartoonist and Her Orc Editor, Vol. 1

The Knight Cartoonist and Her Orc Editor, Vol. 1, Indo So, Takafumi Sato, Humour, Manga, Fantasy, Orc, Knight, MangaA silly manga about an Orc manga editor and a knight who wants to be a mangaka.

I recently bought the Isekai Humble Bundle Manga, started one series, but decided to read another one. I was in the mood for something silly. Something absurd. Something with a dash of fanservice (and the cover definitely promised that).

In this manga we meet up with an orc named Yeld. He is sick and tired of life in the dark-fantasy realms (and who can blame him, all the other Orcs just want to pillage and rape and then there are knights/adventure groups just murdering Orcs, even the ones not doing something), so he decides to become a manga editor! I absolutely loved that he was able to follow his dream and that apparently no one truly cared that he was an Orc. I am sorry, I just don’t believe that putting an Orc in an outfit makes him un-Orc. XD Everything is going fine until he is paired up with a swordswoman named Annelise who well, has a long way to go drawing-wise, and not just that, she also needs to learn how to put up with criticism. Because, seriously, I thought I was bad at times to handle criticism, but this girl takes the cake. I have to be honest, while I did like it at times and it made me laugh, sometimes it just went WAY too far and it got a bit old. Each time this girl gets criticism either she goes in suicidal mode, or she tries to take out people, or her armour breaks… and she is naked. Yep. Sadly, Yeld also gets stripped at times because of the force. And it is funny the first time. OK the second time, but after a while I just wanted to see her finally pick herself up and become a bit stronger. Not just in her armour (I mean what armour breaks because of the emotional state of the wearer) but also mentally.

But I did love seeing all sorts of things happen. From a classical tentacle greeting (oh my) to slime girls and massages (oh my oh my). There are all sorts of RPG references (and characters) popping up, it seems that neither the Orc nor Annelise can flee from it. And it made me smile, because that makes me wonder what more is on Earth from other realms. I hope the next volumes also are packed with RPG/fantasy stuff~

I also loved that Annelise’s manga was picking up and getting better. Yes, while she doesn’t change that much, her art does! And I was proud. She went from awkward shoujo with way too many deaths and battles to something better. I was definitely proud that she was learning more about life.

It was also fun to see that being a mangaka isn’t easy! Even for a girl from a fantasy world!

Plus, I had such a laugh at the story in which we meet a character who has been a mangaka for well… a long long time. It reminded me of the mangaka who write Detective Conan or the one who write One Piece. Are they using that? It would explain a lot. XD

The art was pretty fun, I like the style. I love the character designs.

All in all, I need to continue reading this one! I want to see what is next for Yeld and Annelise! I hope that in the next one Annelise gets her big chance!

Star rating, 3.5 stars

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