Review for The Library Cat

Review for The Library Cat

The Library Cat (Volume 3) (The Nine Lives of Furry Purry Beancat), Philip Ardagh, Yellow, Humour, Children's Book, Cats, Library, FriendshipA delightful book about Furry Purry Beancat who lives through her third life in which she was a librarian cat!

My library had this book (and I am sad that it doesn’t have the others, but I guess it is fun that they went for the one about the library) and I had to read it! I love books about cats and libraries~

In this book we meet Furry Purry Beancat, I will just call her Furry like many others do, who can apparently fall asleep and then relives? revisits? her past lives/lives that are to come? I am sorry, I am still very unclear about it all, maybe that is because this is book 3 and maybe there is more explanation in the first book. But for now I was mostly a tad confused as I was wondering if these were her older lives or if these were still to come. I am also wondering how, because I would think if you fall asleep it is just all a dream, but she can do a lot of things and has a wild adventure in this one!

In this book Furry is at a beautiful small-town library! Throughout the story we see Furry recover her memories/or investigate to find out those memories, discover that her library may be closing and think of something to help out, she gets all the love and pets from the humans around her and has a special connection with one of the kids that visits (which was really just the sweetest). There is a lot happening and I just had so much fun that I flew through the pages. I was curious to meet more of the library people, and of course I was rooting hard for the library to stay open! To stay as big as it is.

Furry is just the cutest character and I really liked her. I had a laugh at that she thought she could sing… but in fact it was more wailing. XD

I loved the side characters. Well, OK, Graham and Gregory weren’t my favourites. Graham was mostly rude, Gregory was just rude/talked way too much and didn’t get cues. But later on I started liking them more! I also loved the librarian staff and loved how much they cared for Furry and the library.

I do have to say that I am glad that there are no cats in libraries here. Because I am very allergic to cats. I love cats, and it does sound like a wonderful idea to have a pet connected to your library or store, but I can only see my tears, sneezing, and welts. XD

The art was really fun, as expected from Rob Biddulph! Beancat was just the cutest!

All in all, I do hope that one of my libraries adds more of this series to the shelves, because I want to see what is next (and what was before) for Beancat! What lives we will see! I would recommend this fun book to all~

Star rating, 4 stars

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