Review for Tying the Knot with an Amagami Sister, Vol. 1

Review for Tying the Knot with an Amagami Sister, Vol. 1

Tying the Knot with an Amagami Sister Vol. 1, Marcey Naito, Romance, Harem, Humour, Cute, Manga, Red, Shrine, MikoI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just adored the cover and I was in for a bit of a harem comedy! Well, this one certainly delivered on all fronts. It reminded me a tad of Love Hina. Studious guy getting into all sorts of girl/perverted problems and the girls don’t let him study but instead insist to help him or have something to tell him. And it certainly was a harem. We got the older girl who is all nice and neat, there is the little sister who is very proactive, and there is the middle one who is DEFINITELY NOT IN LOVE WITH THE MC AND HATES HIS GUTS, hmpf. And of course there is plenty of accidents. He walks in on them changing. Stuff falls and she falls, then he falls, coincidentally, in a very lecherous way upon them. It is your standard harem romance stuff. However… I loved it. I ate it all up! It just worked in this one for me. I knew from the start that his being a boarder at the shrine had something extra to it, not that hard given the title and the hints, but still I loved it when it all came out at the end of the first chapter.

I was at first worried which direction this may go, because none of the characters are in for what grandpa wants. Marriage. One of the girls getting married. And really? I couldn’t blame them, but I was hoping that this wouldn’t take over the whole plot with them being grumbly about it, because I just wanted fun and seeing the girls get closer to Uryu. See them have fun. See Uryu open up more! Thankfully, things get settled quite soon and I was smiling!

Thankfully, the next parts after that is Uryu going on dates/interviews with each of the girls and it was just so much fun as we really get to know the girls some more. We already had seen some hints here and there (that Asahi is sporty or that Yae is an art student), but these chapters gave so much more insight! I especially needed some insights on Yu-chan. I mean, I could see she is a sweet girl, but it did get on my nerves how aggressive she was at times, not giving him any chance to explain.

I loved that this one took place at a shrine! That we see the girls hard at work as Miko, trying to make people happy and get people to come to the shrine.

Our MC, Uryu-kun, is hard-working and I really liked him. Yes, he needs to be a bit less on the facts-side and also look on the more fun side of the world. Like with the meteors, don’t just dash a girl’s dream with science and hard facts. Just not how to do it. But that is how he does it very often, much to the frustration of Yu-chan. XD Thankfully, as the story continues he sees there are other things in life and opens up a bit more and that made me smile. Yes, studying is important, especially when you have a reason like he has, but you also need to see fun things, enjoy the miracles in life. I loved how sweet he was towards the girls, like how he took Yu-chan on a date to a cat cafe! That was just so cute!

The ending OH MY GOOODNESS! I need all the deets now. I mean he was falling down? And then it ends like this? I need deets, you cannot just end it like this! Nope~ XD

I do want to mention, so far my favourite girl is Yae! She is sweet, a bit of a ditz, and um, another reason. 😛

The art was just STUNNING at times. Really, I was just staring at my screen open-mouthed because of how gorgeous it was. Other times it was OK, still nice! Loved the character designs, and glad they didn’t go for the typical nerdy guy design but made Uryu look cool. Nothing against, nerds, but I am a bit tired of the wishy-washy MC in harems design.

All in all, give me the second (and how many volumes after that) volume! I need more. This was just so much fun! I am glad I got the chance to read it~

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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