Review for When Spring Comes

Review for When Spring Comes

When Spring Comes Kevin Henkes , Laura Dronzek , Seasons, Cats, Spring, Cute, Animals, Plants, Picture Book, Children's BooksA beautiful book about Spring, perfect for this new season!

I thought it would be nice to read a book about Spring as I am so looking forward to it~ It is now nearing the end of February while I am writing this one and I am just done with Winter. I could use some more sunny rays and some flowers, and I just cannot wait to get started in my garden again! So I thought it was high time to check out some books and see which one to read! And I picked this one~

In this pretty book we read about Spring, but also about the seasons before it. About how the grass is brown before Spring comes… but then turns in the most beautiful colours when it gets to Spring. Or seeing snow melt (well, if you get snow, we didn’t get any) and little birds find some yummy worms. Each page tells us something about Spring and what happens there! I totally agreed on the two pages on how the weather was rain, rain and rain. Well, I can say yes, that happens but thankfully we also get some beautiful rays of sun. Not to mention the temperatures are rising, so a bit of rain isn’t too bad. Not like winter, brrr. It was a delight to read this book and see all the cute animals, beautiful plants, happy children. I really got in the Spring mood! I so wish I could step in the book and just lie on the grass and enjoy the season.

I loved the ending, and definitely curious if this author also made a book about summer~! NOTE: Just checked, and yes he did! He wrote one for each season. So if I can find these books look forward to one coming for each season this year!

The art was really cute and reminded me of Liesbet Slegers art which I absolutely adore!

I would recommend this book to all! I am sure kids will love a seasonal book, especially one with such pretty art.

Star rating, 4 stars

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