Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 27-3-2022

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 27-3-2022

Good afternoon all~

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A Spring welcome to a new Sunday’s TBR Updates! Spring is here~ Well, for now. XD

This week was OK, not much exciting happened. I enjoyed the weather, walked quite a bit, went to Library #1 and #4, hoped that my body wouldn’t get sick (because it was doing that thing). Started the garden a tiny bit and should do a bit more this upcoming week.. well provided I am not sick. Otherwise it will have to wait. sad
Reading-wise, a lot of trying books… but then DNF-ing them. Sadly. But I did read a few good ones (or OK ones). And I also read a few books not on my stack that I did enjoy.

What did I read from my TBR this week? Genie and Teeny (so so much fun, though I wasn’t a fan of the bully and how that was handled), A mouse Called Miika (so sweet and beautiful, loved this one), Onverwacht (eh, it was OK), Lonely Hearts (flails, this was so so good and I loved it), Dubbeldate (very predictable, still fun), Thee met koekjes (Ok), Maartjes Bolle Beest (awwww so cute and hilarious), Ninja Kid #5 (yas! Some hints to the father and tons of fun).

I tried and DNF-ed: You’ll be the Death of Me (yawn… just didn’t grab my interest and that means this is my last book by this author), Beter dan ooit (just didn’t have the same feel as the first book.. plus I was wondering when the kidnap was going to happen), Het Resort (just a bit too samey, 4 friends, one mysterious event, murder, eh), Met een beetje geluk (didn’t get into it, read spoilers, rolled my eyes and DNF), These Witches Don’t Burn (the relationships were nope to me), Retourtje Elzas (writing-style didn’t work), Dumme de Mummie (loved this one, but the book was just disgusting, not sure what happened to it, but I will pick up another copy that is clean).

Here is a new stack! With new books (went and treated myself to some new books on Amazon and they came in this week) + new library books. Along with the other TBR books + 3 library books I need to try before they have to go back on Saturday. It is a fun stack and I am very excited to get to reading these books!

And that is it! Thank you all for reading my post! Wish me luck with my TBR and be sure to also tell me what you are reading next/what is on your TBR for this upcoming week! I hope everyone has a great day and a great week! To all of you in the Netherlands and other countries that just switched, good luck with getting used to the daylights saving time. feels so tired

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