Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 6-3-2022

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 6-3-2022


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A Spring welcome to all! Welcome to a new Sunday’s TBR Updates~

Another OK week. Visited Library #1 and #4. Started walking more in the evenings despite that it is still freaking cold outside.
Reading-wise, a very good week! I had fun reading some books on my stack (and some not on my stack, teehee). I also read a few books from my Netgalley and got it down to 6 again… well, until Saturday then it went up to 10 again because I saw some fun new manga. 🙈

What did I read from my TBR this week? The Wizard and Me (so so funny, I need more books from Bubbles), De lange weg naar vertrouwen (eh… not sure, it had good parts, but also some what the hell parts), Ongewenst (found it a bit sad how pushy everyone was, but it was still well-written and the ending heartbreaking (but I could understand)), Wie is Adam Westerman? (), I love happy cats (a bit confusing at times because it was contradicting earlier said stuff, but still very cute and fun to read), All in (another book that could use some editing, but still a sweet story), Wat is er eigenlijk met jou gebeurd? (haunting and beautiful, highly recommended).

I tried and DNF-ed: The Nine Lives of Furry Purry (meh, the library one was totally fun, this just wasn’t for me), Zoete inval (sorry, I am not into these tropes), Sloddervos (the language/word use just wasn’t working for me).

Here is a new stack. Not on the stack is If This Gets Out, I am slowly reading it and it is currently near my PC and not in the attic library~ I also added a few more Library #2/#3 books on the stack that I hope to read/try reading this week as next week I will be heading back to those libraries.

Well, wish me luck! Haha. I need it~ I am very eager about this stack, there are some great books on there. I do hope that I can focus also on my own TBR this week. Let me know what looks good on my stack + what your plans are, I am always curious to see what everyone is reading. Yas~ Have a great Sunday and a great week!!

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