What I Hope To Read April 2022

What I Hope To Read April 2022


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Welcome all to a new sunny post! Today I am excited to show you what new releases of April 2022 I need to read ASAP!!!

Another month that just flew by. March has come and gone! I sadly wasn’t able to read any of my March books sadly. The prices were just too high or Amazon didn’t even have them. sighs Hopefully April’s releases are going to be better and hopefully I get to read March books soon! crosses fingers

Because I am sure excited about April’s releases! So many fantastic books including several in Dutch that I want! I am happy that there are two books about music in there and several books with darker themes, I am definitely in the mood for both of those (yes, my moods are a bit confusing, even to me).

Still no pre-orders. I so wish that one day I can pre-order again because it was always a fun surprise!

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Play by Heart (Harmony of Hearts #1) by Ariella Zoelle (Wow in the World: Wow in the Wild: The Amazing World of Animals by Mindy Thomas, Guy Raz, Jack Teagle, Green, Science, Animals, Humour, Children's BooksScout's Honor by Lily Anderson, monsters, fantasy, parasites, young adult, lgbt, scouts, blood, knife,Witchlings by Claribel A. Ortega , Children's Books, Magic, Fantasy, LGBT, Graphic Novel, Witches,K-Pop Revolution (K-pop Confidential #2) by Stephan Lee, K-pop, Music, Young Adult, Girl, Purple Hair, Boys, Dancing

6 thoughts on “What I Hope To Read April 2022

  1. Good luck Mehsi! I hope you get to read all of these! Have you ever tried https://u1lib.org/
    It is an online book site and I find many books I want to read there, completely free.
    I put twenty books on hold at my library last night!🤦 Luckily they are publishing now and until the end.of June so hopefully they don’t all come in too close together!

    Have a relaxing weekend!🤗📚☕🌞🌷🦄💜

    1. Thank you! And no, I haven’t, but I am not sure if I will use it. I see several books on there that are quite new and I cannot imagine the authors are OK with it being free, so I think I will stay away from it. I am not sure how it is legal.
      Oh, wow, 20 books! But if they are spread out for the next months you should be fine… well unless the library adds all of them in one go. XD

      Thank you, same to you!

        1. But then it should be free for those with a subscription to that library/US, not everyone else. I was curious, so I just checked out some stuff on Twitter/Google and authors are not amused. So I guess it is a big nope for me.

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