Blog Tour ~ Dread Wood by Jennifer Killick ~ Review

Blog Tour ~ Dread Wood by Jennifer Killick ~ Review

Morning all!

Dread Wood by Jennifer Killick, Children's Book, School, Mystery

A BIG BIG YAS welcome to the Blog Tour for Dread Wood by Jennifer Killick! I am SO SO hyped (and blessed) to be part, I mean, Dread Wood has been on my list for ages + I have been reading and following Jennifer Killick since her very first series: Alex Sparrow!

For today’s post I got a 5+ (can I give it more please) starred review and I also got book/author information~

dancesLet’s get started!


Technically I received an e-book copy to review, but I bought my own copy as I was already planning on doing so + the e-book didn’t work for me. So happy my copy came in on time!

OK, this is so going to be a hard review to write, so bear with me, because it may get very messy. Haha. XD

I just LOVE Jennifer Killick’s works. I followed her from the start with Alex Sparrow series, went to Crater Lake, and now thus Dread Wood as a new series (yes, there is a sequel coming and BOY do I need it know in my hands).

If I have to shortly describe the book it would be: Breakfast Club x Worms (but with Spiders) x Jurassic Park x Floor is Lava. It is a beautiful and terrifying thing. Because I was scared for a lot of this book. For real. I mean, spiders are already big on my NOPE NOPE NOPITY list, and these aren’t just cute little ones. Oh no. These are big, bad, hungry, very hungry, did I mention hungry?, and they will kill you. If they get the chance. And if you think, but you can see them coming? OH, OH, how cute. Nope. Nope, floor is lava all right. Run. Grab a mower. Climb a building. But if you will be safe? Well, you have to read the book. But it was certainly a ride for me. And I was really on the edge of my seat, or curling up in bed as I did with the first 200 pages. There is never a dull moment.

In this book we follow Angelo and he detention-mates, Hallie, Naria, and Gus (Gustav). They are having detention on this Saturday, you know, a few hours of doing stuff because of things they did. If only they knew what detention would really mean. I loved that while we follow Angelo because he is the MC, we learn about the characters along the way. We see a glimpse in each of their lives and it was just perfect. I really warmed up to all of these characters and I loved seeing them bond, get closer. See that each of them isn’t so bad. Even Gustav, a character most avoid, is actually a very sweet guy who will do anything for his friends/comrades. I was so sad to read that each of them haven’t had the easiest of times, especially Angelo.

But yes, I was angry with our cast as well. For what they have done. We do find out why each of them has done it, but I still wanted to shake them around a bit. Throwing them for the spiders is a bit harsh, but I can shake them at least a bit. And then later we find out something even more important and I just wanted to shake them even harder. I am glad that they all realised what they did wasn’t right. That it was wrong.

I love the animals (the pigs especially), though we all know what happens to animals in horror, right? At times I just wanted to step into the book and rescue some animals. Just like Hallie wanted to do.

There are SO MANY references and I love love it! Scooby Doo, talk about my sweet raptors (and then decided who is who and finding out who really are the raptors), Jurassic Park/World, there is mention of anime (Gustav, yas), Harley Quinn, and more. I had so much fun finding all the references and then squeeing in delight at them. It made the book even more fun to read.

I just LOVE love the mad scientist trope, seriously, if it is a good one? You can wake me up for it. Haha. And Mr and Mrs Latchitt? They are THE mad scientist! They are like professor Wu from Jurassic Park/World. Let’s make scary and deadly beasties, teehee. Why is that wrong? We just want to make a fun and happy family. That is not bad right? OK, their reasoning for why these 4 kids was a bit outlandish, BUT looking back on it? I think it did fit how craycray they were. It was clear that they very much lived in their own world. And whoever thought they were wrong? Well, I guess they were safe up until the things in this book, I guess people should just run now. XD Also, the Incy, Wincy, Spider song? Brilliant addition. I mean, horror just gets many times scarier when you add a children’s song to it. XD

The ending was just a big NOPE-fest, but very awesome! And it definitely opens up A LOT of possibilities for next books.

I would HIGHLY recommend this book to all, and thanks to The Write Reads tour for allowing me to be part of the tour!

UPDATED/ADDITION: I was just putting the book on the shelves and I noticed THAT THERE ARE SPIDERS ON THE COVER! I never noticed! OMG! That is brilliant! Love it! YAS!

Dread Wood by Jennifer Killick, Horror, Scary, Detention, Building, Forest, Orange, Blue, Children's Book, School, Mystery

Turn the lights on. Lock the door. Things are about to get SERIOUSLY SCARY!

The brand new must-read middle-grade novel from the author of super-spooky Crater Lake. Perfect for 9+ fans of R.L.Stine’s Goosebumps

It’s basically the worst school detention ever. When classmates (but not mate-mates) Hallie, Angelo, Gustav and Naira are forced to come to school on a SATURDAY, they think things can’t get much worse. But they’re wrong. Things are about to get seriously scary.

What has dragged their teacher underground? Why do the creepy caretakers keeping humming the tune to Itsy Bitsy Spider? And what horrors lurk in the shadows, getting stronger and meaner every minute…? Cut off from help and in danger each time they touch the ground, the gang’s only hope is to work together. But it’s no coincidence that they’re all there on detention. Someone has been watching and plotting and is out for revenge…

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About the author:

Jennifer Killick, Author, PhotographJennifer Killick is the author of Crater Lake, the Alex Sparrow series, and middle-grade sci-fi adventure Mo, Lottie and the Junkers. She regularly visits schools and festivals, and her books have three times been selected for The Reading Agency’s Summer Reading Challenge. She lives in Uxbridge, in a house full of children, animals and Lego. When she isn’t busy mothering or step-mothering (which isn’t often) she loves to read, write and run, as fast as she can./p>

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