Blog Tour ~ Pega Sisters Go to Camp by Brooke Hartman + MacKenzie Haley ~ Review + Giveaway

Blog Tour ~ Pega Sisters Go to Camp by Brooke Hartman + MacKenzie Haley ~ Review + Giveaway

Morning all~

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A magical welcome to the Blog Tour for Pega Sisters Go To Camp by MacKenzie Haley! I am so excited to be part of the tour, because YAS, this book sounded so magical and fun. I am delighted I have the chance to read and review it for my blog.

Next to my 4-starred review I also got book/author information + a giveaway (you can win either a Little Airplane Prize pack or Pega Sisters prize pack or a copy of Pega Sisters go to Camp + The Littlest Airplane, great prizes so be sure to join)!

Let’s get this tour started, this book was adorable~


I received this book from The Children’s Book Review promotions in exchange of an honest review.

In this adorable book we combine summer camp with sparkles and glitters and unicorns! So yeah, of course I had to sign up to be part of the tour! This sounded like a book right up my alley! And it was~

In this book we meet Lilly who is excited for summer camp.. there is just one thing she isn’t happy about and that is Filly! And I could get it. Throughout the book we see that wherever Lilly is… Filly is there. Making cake… her sister eating the cake. Games? Filly is there. Hide and seek? Why find your own place, just be with your sister. I could imagine that Lilly wasn’t going to be happy, I know I would also just flip at one point. I mean, I can see her sister means well, but she should also see that she should just do things for her own. I was wondering when the point would be that Lilly would just get angry.

While I did love the ending, it was cute and it made me smile, it was a bit of a standard Children/Picture Book ending. I think for me it would have been much more fun if she had said her sorries to her sister (and her sister making sorries as well) and they did their own things along with some things together. Just mix it up a bit! See them both have fun and then meet each other and talk about it!

I did love seeing what the girls did at camp and oh boy I want to be part! Baking cakes? YAS! Decorating and arts? YAS! Games? Sign me up! Singing songs? Love it! I just wanted to step into the book many times and just participate in all these things. I wonder what kind of unicorn I would be? I hope a very sparkly one~

The art was really fun and sparkly! Very colourful and fitting for the story. I loved the style though just like all books about unicorns I am always wondering how they are doing things with their hooves. Haha. XD

All in all, I really enjoyed this book about sisterhood and summer camps. I would recommend it.

Star rating, 4 stars

Rainbow, Pega Sisters go to Camp, Brooke Hartman, MacKenzie Haley, Cute, Pegasus, Children's BooksAges 4-8 | 32 Pages

Publisher: Page Street Kids | ISBN-13: 9781645674719

Lilly has waited for this day all year: It’s Pegasus Camp! And it’s finally here! But this year, Lilly’s little sister, Filly, is tagging along. And wherever Lilly goes, Filly’s right underhoof, turning rainbow leaping, mane braiding, and cake baking into crashing, tangling, splattering messes! When Lilly’s temper finally snaps, Filly canters sadly away. Lilly wanted her Pega Sister to go―so why can she no longer have any fun without her?

Anyone with siblings will knowingly smile and roll their eyes, and all readers will laugh along with this rollicking, punny summer camp romp, which also serves as a sparkling reminder that sisters make the most marvelous magic together.

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About the author:

Brooke Hartman, Author, Photograph, Black/WhiteBrooke Hartman is an Alaskan mom and national award-winning author of silly, sweet, and sometimes strange stories for children and Young Adults.

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