Book Haul April 2022

Book Haul April 2022

Hey all~

Welcome all to a new and shiny Book Haul post!! Welcome to April’s Haul (which got quite big thanks to my hubby).

This was a good month! The weather is improving (though also went down a bit haha), I did gardening because the weather is finally right, I baked some new things (and loved them), got a new sweet little hamster (Gwen, pictures to come on Twitter), read, relaxed, and more!

And it was also a fantastic book haul month with a big BIG stack of books! Plus, I added one ebook to my Kindle (And Then I Woke Up).

And I haven’t read them all, but in my defence, that big stack from Happy Town to Guide to Midwest didn’t get in until the 25th of April. The Midwest one was a pre-order we had on Amazon (since NOVEMBER) and we cancelled that and went with another site that DID have it in stock. The rest of the books from that pile was a surprise buy from my husband, yes, he spoiled me! I also got 3 other books I need to read (Mot, Rainbow Grey, Aggie Morton), I am making my way through them!

Oh, and I cannot forget to give all the big thanks to the author/publisher of Mot en de Metaalvissers! I got that one to review~ dances

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Last One to Die by Cynthia Murphy
Idol Gossip by Leigh Young
The Smidgens: Crash-land by David O’Connell
Stack the Cats by Susi Ghahremani
Frankie Best Hates Quests by Chris Smith
Happytown Must be Destroyed by James Harris
Diary of an Accidental Witch: Flying High by Perdita & Honor Cargill
The Midwest Survival Guide by Charlie Berens
Get Out by Juultje van den Niewenhof
On adventure with dad by Kenny Deuss
Tashi by Anna Fienberg, Barbara Fienberg, Kim Gamble
Life of Riley: Beginners Luck by Simon James Green, Alexsei Bitskoff
The Monster Doctor: Foul Play by John Kelly
Kate on the Case: The Call of the Silver Wibbler by Hannah Peck
Dread Wood by Jennifer Killick
De zoete zusjes houden van Holland by Hanneke de Zoete
Rainbow Grey: Eye of the Storm by Laura Ellen Anderson
Aggie Morton: The Body Under the Piano by Marthe Jocelyn
Mot en de metaalvissers by Sanne Rooseboom
There’s A Unicorn in Your Book by Tom Fletcher, Greg Abbott
Llama Glamarama by Simon James Green, Garry Parsons
101 Bums by Sam Harper, Chris Jevons
Oscar The Hungry Unicorn Eats Easter by Lou Carter, Nikki Dyson

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