Book Review Tour ~ Siggy the Soccer Dog by Brian Frederick

Book Review Tour ~ Siggy the Soccer Dog by Brian Frederick

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Welcome all to the Blog Tour for Siggy the Soccer Dog by Brian Frederick! So excited to be part~ I really had fun reading the first Siggy Book a few months ago so I am delighted I can be part of the tour + review the second book about this adorable dog.

For today’s post I got a 4.5 starred review + author/book information~

Let’s get this tour started! YES!


I received this book from Hygge Book Tours in exchange of an honest review.

First up, loved that the book started with a map/chart of the dog match with who was were on the field and I loved seeing Siggy just be part of the stadium! Plus, all the other little details were such a nice touch!

Ever wonder what dogs dream about when they sleep? Well, you will find out at least one dog’s dreams in this adorable book! We see how Siggy has a big dream about being part of Manchester United! He is the big big star in the team and there are fun chants for him as the crowd tries to motivate + cheer for him. We get to see a very exciting match, really, it was so exciting especially because it was a BIG BIG game in the team’s life. We follow the dogs as they try to make goals, dodge the other team and their tackles, and more! I found myself cheering loudly to motivate the team! Haha, I am normally not a big soccer fan, but this? This is fun! I wouldn’t mind matches like this in real life! Soccer would be so much more fun when dogs are playing it.

Plus, I loved the message under Siggy’s shirt when he lifted it up after the match. That was so sweet and it is a nice touch! Be kind indeed~

I loved all the wonderful illustrations, there is just so much to see on each page. And I just loved how dynamic it all was, hopefully I explain this right, but sometimes picture are quite static, but in this one you see the movement of the dogs, see them play with the ball and try to get it to the goal. We see the audience at times cheering. It was such a delight!

I also enjoyed that at times we hear (well read) Phyllis (Siggy’s owner) and her mom talk. Wondering what Siggy is dreaming about, and waking him up for something no dog can resist.

All in all, a very exciting fun book that I would recommend to all! Sport and dog fans will love this~ I can’t wait for Siggy’s next adventure!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

Siggy the Soccer Dog , Brian Frederick, Siggy, Football, Soccer, Sports, Dog, Picture Book, Children's BOok, GreenSiggy looks so cute as he twitches and turns in his sleep.

But as they watch him, little do the family know that in his dream he is “Siggy Sosidj” the star player for Manchester United. It’s up to Siggy to rescue his team in the biggest game of his life. But can he do it?

Join Siggy and a multi-national cast of doggie players to find out – in a fast-paced, beautifully illustrated tale about overcoming the odds, staying true to your purpose and being kind…

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About the author:

Children’s book author Brian Frederick enjoyed creating his own worlds and being an insatiable reader from an early age, and his Siggy the Sausage Dog books have won awards and substantial acclaim.
Brian grew up in Northern Ireland, during “the Troubles” and went to a school
where CS Lewis was once a pupil and Samuel Beckett briefly taught. A young Brian
made the sports page headlines as a champion swimmer and he admits he may have
been more dedicated to training than to his studies at times.

After school, a legal career beckoned and he pursued it, but it turns out that Brian likes being a writer more than being a lawyer.

“I much prefer writing stories to writing writs,” he quips.

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