Book Tag Time ~ 7 Things I Like In A Book

Book Tag Time ~ 7 Things I Like In A Book

Hey all~

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Welcome all to a new TAG! One I Just HAD to do! Welcome to the 7 things I like in Books.

It wasn’t easy to just pick 7, give me an hour more and I would have given you a few more. Haha. But these ones mentioned belong are my TOP choices. Things I really really really want to see in books (or on books in case of covers, haha). I had fun located the perfect GIFs for them.

I found this over at Light of the Bookworm, no clue who the original is as she doesn’t list one and the link she lists is one that my Chrome says NOPE to, so I cannot see if that person has it mentioned. Let me know if you know the original and I will edit my post!

Let’s get started!

1. Humour
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I just LOVE LOVE books with tons of humour!
2. Romance/Sexy scenes

If you had told me x years ago that I would LOVE LOVE romance and even LOVE LOVE smutty/sexy scenes? I would have looked at you very weirdly and have a big old laugh. But these days? I love love some sexy stuff in my books! I need some wonderful romance! I need hand-holding. I need friends going to lovers. BRING it!
3. An ending that completes it all
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I love a good ending. Something that just ties it all up! I love it when characters get their HEA. Love it when all the puzzle pieces just clicks together and you go AH!
4. Shipping
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I just LOVE it when I read a book with shippable characters! That you are rooting for them throughout the book to get together! To just KISS ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!
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I just love it when a book can surprise me with a twist I didn’t see coming left, right, middle, or above, any direction really. And yes, I will pull that kind of face. XD
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I am a big big cover LOVER, so a shiny, sparkly, gorgeous, beautiful, pretty, lovely, OMG, cover is a MUST for me!
7. When the title is referenced/explained/mentioned in the book.
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I just LOVE it when you have a title and then BOOM in a part of the story it is mentioned, or you go AHHHHHH OHHHHH WHUT because it is explained what it means. For the characters. For the story. For everything. YAS.

And that is it! This was tons of fun! I am not going to be tagging anyone specific as I have no clue how long this tag has been around. But if you do this tag, be sure to let me know as I would love to see everyone’s answers~ Thanks for reading, have a great day!

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    1. Thank you! Happy to hear that! Haha, I did my best to find the best GIFs to convey how I feel. 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

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