Library Haul ~ 13-4-2022 (Library #1)

Library Haul ~ 13-4-2022 (Library #1)

Afternoon all~

Welcome to a shiny and WOW new Library #1 Haul!

On Wednesday I decided it was time to go to the library. I haven’t been feeling too well all week and I know on Friday’s I am generally quite busy, so I thought if I would go on Wednesday… I could take off Thursday to relax/read/get some well-deserved rest. However seeing the weather on Thursday, I kind of wish I had gone then. It is just way more sunny. XD

I had finished all my books from the previous haul (or I tried in the instance of a couple books) so I was eager to find a whole bunch of new books to read again! It was superduper busy at the library, I guess everyone was into the mood for some reading. I especially had a laugh at the kids over at the kids department. They were sprawled on everything they could be sprawled over or on with a book in hands. Ah, just like me when I was a kid (though, shhhh, I still have some strange reading positions.. well according to my husband, I think they are normal).

I had fun walking around the library and seeing if there were any new releases that wanted me to take them home. And I did! Including the Dolly Parton book, yes, it is in Dutch so I hope it still works, but I am excited to have at least found it. I just love Dolly and I am eager to read a story by her. Plus, also found some other books, like a poetry book. I am still not 100% in poetry, but I do try to read it occasionally as I think it is important + I did find some poetry I love and so I hope each time I find a new bundle to enjoy. And I still had one Jen Minkman left at this library and I found it!

My top 3 that I need to read? The Santa Claus vs Easter Bunny as it will be the perfect Easter read, followed by De Magische Bieb and then followed by Sintelwoud.

STATS: 11 books. 2 comics, 1 poetry collection, 8 fiction.

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Book List, Emoji, Cute
Of Women and Salt by Gabriela Garcia
A Complicated Love Story Set in Space by Shaun David Hutchinson
Missy’s Super Duper Royal Deluxe Field Trip by Susan Nees
Koning van het Sintelwoud by Jen Minkman
Ren Rose, ren by Dolly Parton, James Patterson
Dood gewoon gaan hemelen by Plint
De magische bieb: Bieb op stelten by Femke Dekker
Bolle #1 by Alcante
Bolle #3 by Alcante
Santa Claus vs The Easter Bunny by Fred Blunt
Geroezemoes by Yelena Schmitz, Nina Claes, Ruth de Jaeger

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