Library Haul ~ 23-4-2022 (Library #2+#3)

Library Haul ~ 23-4-2022 (Library #2+#3)

waveshi all~

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A happy welcome to a shiny and wonderful Library #2 and #3 Haul! Yesterday it was time to visit!!

I am keeping this one short, it is Saturday 8.30 pm and I finally got to my laptop after a fun but busy day. I want to keep tomorrow all free, so here I am writing a post because I want to show you all the great/fun/wonderful books I got at the libraries.

So first up was Library #3 as we wanted to walk around the shopping area near Library #2 because it is Pokemon Go Community Day and we only have 3 hours for that! This time I even had a reservation waiting for me at this library. I generally don’t do it because it costs 50 cents per book. But this book? I needed it! Mexican Gothic! I was happily surprised when I found out they had the book in the collection.. but it was constantly loaned out, well until earlier this week! So I cannot wait to read that one! Plus, next to that reservation I found tons of fun books! They had plenty of fun new releases that I just wanted in my life!

And at Library #2 I had 23 reservations waiting for me, yep, more than last time! I still had 5 at home (1 that my hubby needs to read and 4 I want to read), but that still meant I had plenty of room to find books! And it was great to walk through the library and I kept finding new books, well or new to me books in some cases. Haha. I am very happy with all the books I found and cannot wait to read them~

STATS: 50 books. 12 at Library #3 and 38 at Library #2!

NOTE: First up Library #3 (1 picture) and then Library #2 (3 picture).

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Het warmtefort by Marieke Lucas Rijneveld
Het boek van Fatima by Fatima Noori
Alle dagen prinsendag by Rob van Vuure
Water scheppen met een lepeltje by Wiebe Brouwer
Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia
Last Night at the Telegraph Club by Malinda Lo
The Book of Accidents by Chuck Wendig
Over dames en sieraden by Milo Freeman
Homes for Nomads by
De blinden by Maarten de Saeger
Goudhaantje by Mikael Ross
De gestolen triskel by Prado

Hamley op pompoenjacht by Sandra J. Paul
Miss Merkel by David Safier
Roem by Kylie Scott
Daar praten we niet over by Miloe van Beek
Met hoofd en hart by Christie Watson
Oases in de stad by Willemijn Wilms Floet
Honden by Pat Jacobs
Ontdek dierenhuizen by Martin Jenkins
In Afrika met Avi en Kumbi by Khize Wamazambezi
Sisters #16 by William, Cazenove
Shi Xiu #1 by Nicolas Meylaender
Suske & Wiske #313 by Willy Vandersteen
Suske & Wiske #16 by Willy Vandersteen
Ra;resnoet #1 by Gabriele Bagnoli
OMGEKEERDE RIVIER #1 by Maxe L’Hermenier

De hond van meneertje Snor by Georgette
Een beestje voor Pelle by Astrid Lindgren
Ik zie ik zie by Romana Romanyshyn
Morgen durf ik alles by various authors
Superhelden knuffelen niet by Michael Catchpool
Het mooiste blauw by Ibtihaj Muhammed, Hatem Aly
Pippa kan het wel! by Charlotte Bruijn
Mammoet in de stad by Anna Kemp
Voor de liefste oma by Bette Westera, Martijn van der Linden
Ben je ziek, Teckel Tom? by Bette Westera, Noëlle Smit
Julia’s droom by Brigitte Minne, Trui Chielens

Camping Cruel by Rik Peters, Federico van Lunter
Het probleem van juf Pieps by Lida Dijkstra
Ik hou van eenhoorns en dat is giga geheim by Anke Werker, Daniëlle Schothorst
Poeperdje gaat in bad by Marianne Busser, Ron Schröder
Kitty en het sterrenlied by Paula Harrison, Jenny Lovlie
Een spannende zomer op Paardenheuvel by Joke Reijnders
Het verdwenen recept by Tanja Voosen
Nou ja zeg! by Robbert-Jan Henkes, Aaart Clerckx
Pip en Peer, Bles moet blijven by Daniëlle Schothorst
Feest met Pip en Peer by Daniëlle Schothorst
Emiel: Winter op de Hazelhoeve by Astrid Lindgren
Moeder Doorn by Juliet Marillier, Kathleen Jennings

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  1. So many amazing books!!! I hope you enjoy all of them, especially Mexican Gothic, I read it last year and really liked it! ❤️✨

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