Library Haul ~ 28-4-2022 (Library #1)

Library Haul ~ 28-4-2022 (Library #1)

Afternoon all!

Welcome all to a new Library #1 Haul! A week early, but I just needed some fresh books in my life!

Well, fresh books.. I actually read almost all the books. I just have the James Patterson/Dolly Parton book in my nightstand left. Yesterday seemed to be a perfect day for it. Yes, it was a busy day, but I managed to find some time to hop on my bicycle, enjoy the weather, and get to the city of Library #1!

I had tons of fun walking around the library, yes, early on I was wondering if I would find something… but then I kept finding books and eventually even had to put books away. XD It is funny how that happens at times. I am glad with the books I found, there are a ton of fun graphic novels/comics in there including one by Ype Driessen and Abe Borst, two fantastic artists. I also found a cute/fun book about dogs, which went up on the pile immediately. I still really want a dog, but I really need to get over that anxiety I feel when the adoption gets near, so I thought maybe it would work if I just know even more about dogs than I already know. Just throw myself all the facts. XD

Haha, and I asked a librarian where the children’s poetry where, and she asked which age, to which I replied any. That I just wanted to read more poetry but that adult poetry is so often dry and boring. She laughed and pointed me in the right directions (as there were 3 age groups that had poetry). Thanks to her I found 2 great poetry books and also saw a few more that I want to get next time I visit.

So I cannot wait to get started on these books… well, to be honest on Friday I already read one or two because I couldn’t wait until this post got up. XD

STATS: 14 books. 5 comics, 4 non-fiction, 5 fiction.

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Book List, Emoji, Cute
Het grote hondenboek by Daniel Tatarsky, David Humphries
Mijn hond Woefus by Patricia MacLachlan
Stervenskoud by Lonneke Kossen-Grout, Nellke Langendoen
De boze stiefoma’s by Lida Dijkstra
Kameleonie by Dimitri Leue
Ahoy by Reine de Pelseneer, Ann de Rode
Alle dieren slapen by Kjerstie Annesdatter Skomsvold, Mari Kanstad Johnsen
Jij en de dood by Elisabeth Helland Larsen, Marine Schneider
Zoo & Zo by Ype Driessen, Abe Borst
Sjoerd de Vrij: Het vuur van de vrijheid by Wim Huijser, Jelle de Gruyter, Eric Heuvel
Ik wil geen hondje! by Hans van Oudenaarden
De verdwijning van Botty by Michael Vincent, Tom Bouden
De buitengewone reis #1 by Denis-Pierre Filippi, Silvio Camboni
Het grote heksenboek by Kathleen Vereecken, Charlotte Severeyns

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