Review for And J.J. Slept

Review for And J.J. Slept

And J.J. Slept by Loretta Garbutt (Goodreads Author), Erika Rodriguez Medina , Picture Book, Kids, Baby, Sleeping, Family, Cute, Adorable, Picture Book, Children's BooksI received this book from Netgalley/publisher in exchange of an honest review.

This time it was the blurb that drew me in first, a baby in a full house and so not impressed with all the sounds, but the cover is also very cute and was the second thing that made me click that request button!

In this book a family adopts a new baby, named J.J.. He enters a house FULL of people, parents, 4 siblings (who are chaotic and don’t seem to listen to their parents that well), and a dog (adorably named Cheddar)! You can imagine the noise that this kid has to live with. From a kid stomping around, to breakfast chaos, to a barking and enthusiastic dog, to beeps and boops of machines. But is J.J. bothered? Well, no, not really. Haha, that kid just does his things and sleeps like a log while his parents are surprised because who can sleep through all that noise? Well, J.J.! It was really sweet to see all the kids having fun and J.J. being part of the family and being happy to be surrounded by family.

But what happens when the house is quiet? When the kids are away? When all the noise in the house is a bit of a washing machine and the snoring of the dog? Well… I can say that the answer made me laugh. Yes, it was a tad predictable, but still wonderfully done~ Oh J.J.! I loved this part so much and I found it immensely adorable (though yes, also sad for the parents as they just had no clue anymore).

The ending is just the cutest, those last 2 pages, AWWW!

The art was really fun, I love love the style~

All in all, a book I would recommend to all! Cute, adorable, sweet~

Star rating, 4 stars

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