Review for Ellery’s Magic Bicycle

Review for Ellery’s Magic Bicycle

Ellery's Magic Bicycle by Maria Monte , BIcycle, Picture Book, Magic, Bond, Friendship, Children's Book, Girl, TreesI received this book from Netgalley/author in exchange of an honest review.

When I got the mail from the author if I was interested in reading her new book I was hyped! Of course, yes! I would love to read your newest book! I really enjoyed Evie’s Ducklings and I was eager to see what new story she had written.

In this cute book we meet a girl named Ellery! One day while walking around she finds a purple bicycle. All old and rusted! But then, BOOM, SHIMMY, SPARKLE, the bike is all good again and Ellery takes it home with her! I just loved how she took it home and how they had a bond! Yes, that sounds weird, but really, read the book. You will see it too! I loved that it learned her to cycle. And it was indeed quite a magical bike given what happened later on! I loved that her bike was always there for her. For sad moments and happy moments.

And then a new kid appears in Ellery’s street. I wasn’t too happy with those pages, not a fan of throwing pebbles and then retaliating with mud pies. Thankfully, with the help of the bike, something happy happened between them! And that made me smile!

However from then things go a bit fast for me. Did I miss some pages because of what I talk about in the paragraph below? Or did it really just hop step to years later? At times it felt a bit disjointed. Especially how Ellery apparently never left her parents home? Or did she move back? Plus, I just hadn’t seen her and Charlie in that way, it was sweet, but really I would have liked just a bit more on that front. A few more pages.

Sadly, the epub didn’t really exactly work for me! I could see mostly the top half of the illustrations and I had to stretch out my ADE over my two PC screens to see that. I am not sure what went wrong with the file, but I am going to be re-reading this book when I get the chance. For now I could still get the story (at least most sometimes I just had to guess a bit) and see most of the illustrations so I kept on reading, but I do want to re-read it to get the full experience!

The last pages had me a bit worried! Oh no, she wouldn’t do that, would she? But in the end things go right and I was so happy!

The illustrations are so pretty and I absolutely love the soft colours used~

All in all, I really need to re-read this one when I get the chance. I just feel like I missed out on things due to the broken format of the file, plus, I want to enjoy the book a bit more without the frustration of ADE constantly crashing. I will probably also update my rating then. I am happy that I read it though because despite the file errors this was a magical and delightful book with a dash of magic!

Star rating, 3.5 stars

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