Review for Field Trip

Review for Field Trip

Field Trip (Missy's Super Duper Royal Deluxe #4) by Susan Nees, Humour, Children's Book, Field trip, Cute, IllustrationsThe newest (well for me) Missy and this time we are off to a field trip!

Who doesn’t love a field trip? I cannot remember most of the field trips we took in elementary school, though I can vividly remember going to amusement parks and big playgrounds the last week of school before summer vacation arrived! Haha. Priorities right? XD I was excited to read this book and was happy that one of my libraries finally added it! I should see if they also added book 3 and I just missed it or if they just didn’t add it. Haha, both are possibilities.

In this book we see how happy Missy (officially called Melissa) is with today. Going on a field trip! Souvenirs are seemingly very important (and I agree, though I am not sure about the patriotic feel of the souvenirs) and she also looks forward to snacks (very important) and no homework (YES). I had fun reading about where the kids were going (the Capitol, of which I have heard and maybe seen things of) and loved seeing them try to get through the time. That is exactly how it went on trips that I remember. First it is fun… you try to make something of it… and then you just sing endless songs and get quite bored.

I loved the tour and was excited to follow the class. Learn things about this place. But I loved what followed next even more! Missy is a girl who hears the words no giftshop and has a plan! I just giggled and laughed because dang this girl is brave! I loved that she didn’t take no for an answer and I was more than happy with the governor as well. Of course, in real life it wouldn’t go so easy, but that is what makes books like this so much fun! What if it was a possibility?

I loved that last page about the author and the field trip she had as a kid. That was a really nice addition.

I just LOVE LOVE how big of a part the illustrations are! Often they are here to just make the story more lively, more fun, but in this one they are a big part! And the style is just so fun + cute, and matches with Missy’s and who she is perfectly!

All in all, I definitely need more Missy books! These are cute, fun, and I even learned something in this one! I would recommend this cute book to all.

Star rating, 4 stars

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