Review for Florence Nightingale

Review for Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara , Kelsey Garrity-Riley, Non-Fiction, Children's Book, Nurse, War, Picture Book, Florence Nightingale, Little People Big DreamsI received this book from Netgalley/publisher in exchange of an honest review.

A shiny new Little People, Big Dreams! I just love this series so much and reading about my favourite people from history! This time it is Florence Nightingale, a fantastic woman who did so many fantastic things in her life!

While I already knew quite a bit about her life and all she did, there were a few new bits for me! And I love that! It was fantastic to read about her youth, about her finding her calling, and her fully going for it! Even going to scary parts of the war. Not many people would have done that, so I just was so proud of her! And I loved how she took charge when she got at the war site. How she didn’t let anything deter her from giving the best care there can be given. I also loved that the soldiers/army peeps listened to her. Especially in that time!

BTW, I just absolutely loved Florence’s father at the start! This is around 1800-1900 and he decided that his daughter needed education and so she got it! Well, OK, he did get a bit old-fashioned when she wanted to be a nurse, haha. I guess that was a bit too far for him.

I really enjoyed the illustrations by Kelsey Garrity-Riley! She has a great style and I love how well it fits with Florence’s story!

All in all, this is one book I would highly recommend! I cannot wait to see who is next in the series~

Star rating, 4 stars

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