Review for Gugulu, The Little Bear Dares

Review for Gugulu, The Little Bear Dares

Gugulu The Little Bear Dares,Srividhya Lakshmanan, Children's Book, Picture Book, Animals, Adventure, Cute I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange of an honest review.

Last year I reviewed Srividhya Lakshmanan’s book “Do They All Sleep?”. I really had fun reading it so imagine my delight when I got a new mail from the author requesting if I wanted to read her newest book! Yes, I would! Especially given how cute it looked~ I had to move some posts around as I wanted to post this today, on the release day of the book.

In this adorable book we meet a tiny little sloth bear named Gugulu. It is time to go to school, but Gugulu, like human kids, want to go on their own. Yes, it may be dangerous, but come on mom and dad, let me go on my own! What happens next is an adventure, and I think after all of what happened that Gugulu will be waiting a bit longer with going on his own. XD The first part of the adventure is all fun and a dash of naughtiness but what happens in the second part had me on the edge of my seat! Oh no, Gugulu! Will they be OK? Thankfully, the ending is a happy one! You will have to read it yourself to find out more, but I know people will love it.

Throughout the book we see tons of nature and some interesting animals! From animals who don’t do harm to animals who are more than happy with a snack or two.

The sound effects under the pages (Swish! Creak! Zig! Quake!) were really fun and gave the book something extra!

I absolutely love the Meet The Star Cast part at the end of the book! We meet all the animals we encountered through the story again and learn some small things about them. From what they eat to if they are native or threatened with extinction (so sad to see so many have that ! mark next to their name). I knew several animals already, but I also learned of a few new ones! Like the Malabar Giant Squirrel (who just looks as colourful as the illustration in the book) and the Indian Roller (another gorgeous animal).

The art was adorable and cute! As I already said before, but I just need to mention it again. You just want to pick up Gugulu and give him a big hug!

All in all, a fun adventurous and educational read, I am sure kids will love it. Again, what kid doesn’t want, at one point in their lives, to just go alone to something? Recommended!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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