Review for How to Catch the Easter Bunny

Review for How to Catch the Easter Bunny

How to Catch the Easter Bunny (How to Catch) by Adam Wallace, Easter, Easter Bunny, Picture Book, Yellow, Eggs, Bunny, Funny, Children's Books,, Andy ElkertonIt is almost time for Easter and E.B. is on the road again!

I am really getting in the mood for Easter and so I was looking around for something cute to read for this time. This book title just made me so curious so I had to read it! Catching the Easter Bunny? Oh my!

In this book we read about our Easter Bunny and see him avoid many traps, I was a bit confused though, why would anyone trap the Easter Bunny? Did I miss something in my youth? I mean, we celebrated the more Christian parts of it, but we also hid eggs and did some other things. Yet, I never thought about trapping the EB. So that is a bit weird. I guess in case of the pirates it makes kinda sense given he has a magical basket, but other than that? I didn’t get the fuss. Still fun to read though and I had a laugh at all the traps and how they varied from supersimple to not so simple (like the tree). Plus, I learned that the EB can change size! That is so cool! No wonder he can get in everywhere and manages to hide all the eggs.

In this hip-hopping scene? I know he is magical, and his basket as well, but still I expected eggs to just fall out. XD

I absolutely love that the book was all in rhyme! It just made it so much more playful and fun~

The art, Adorable! Cute! Fun!

The ending was fun! See you next year E.B! Have a great time thinking up what to do next year along with your adorable peeps!

This book was cute, I didn’t get all the elements (like trapping him or getting mad because you didn’t see him), but still had fun reading it! Really a fun read for Easter!

Star rating, 3 stars

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