Review for Isadora Moon Goes to a Wedding

Review for Isadora Moon Goes to a Wedding

Isadora Moon Goes to a Wedding (Isadora Moon #12) by Harriet Muncaster , Wedding, Illustrations, Cute, Vampires, Fairies, Witches, Sister, CuteA very cute, naughty (Oh, Mirabella) book about Isadora and her family and a wedding!

A new Isadora adventure and this time her aunt is getting married!! Yep! So a book full of love and sweetness because even sweeter and more fun!

I loved that we could see a lot of new characters, family members, aunts and uncles, friends, and more! I loved that Isadora and Mirabella were bridesmaids and could wear pretty dresses (and throw flowers around). I loved that the aunt whose wedding it was, was a fairy who loves snow/cold! And her dress fit both her flower and cold side perfectly. I loved that we were part of the dressing up and the ceremony!

I am just sighing at Mirabella. You would think that by now she knows. There have been 2 of her own books (at least those are out in Dutch, there are probably more in English, but I read this series generally in Dutch) and a few with her cameoing in Isadora’s books. But no, in this book she wants a piece of cake and what better way than to shrink to tiny size and explore the cake. Yep. I do love the idea, and I wouldn’t have minded if it wasn’t such an important cake for an important and special day. I am happy that she eventually figured out it wasn’t right and that she got a big piece of karma following her idea.

I had a bit of a laugh at Isadora’s baby sister and her adventures with the fruity desserts. I wouldn’t mind floating in a big bowl of fruit. Yum! Though things did get a bit hairy and after that hilarious. Because how do explain a baby sister the size of a pinkie. XD Or how she is sticky.

I am glad that both parents took care of the children (Isadora and Mirabella) and gave them both their portion of punishment. I think it was pretty fair to give them both something to learn that things shouldn’t be done. Maybe Isadora’s was a tad much given that she mostly was trying to stop Mirabella. But I guess her baby sister and what happened to her also counted.

Loved the art! It was just so sweet and cute and those dresses! I definitely would love to wear them!

All in all, despite the naughtiness I really enjoyed this book and flew through it. It was cute, fluffy, and fun! And I want a piece of cake now!

Star rating, 4 stars

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