Review for Little Wolf Doesn’t Want to Go to Sleep

Review for Little Wolf Doesn’t Want to Go to Sleep

Wolfje wil niet gaan slapen by Jo Lindley , Hot Air Balloon, Bedtime, Picture Book, Wolf, Cute, Children's Book, Hot Air Balloon, NIghtAn adorable book about a little wolf who just DOESN’T want to go to bed. Really. NO.

This one is originally a Dutch book, which is a tad confusing as when I saw Jo Lindley I thought it was an original English book. Haha. So yeah, while reading I wrote a review in my head and that was in English, so here we are! I also couldn’t find an English cover, so I used the Dutch one.

In this adorable and fun book we meet a little Wolf who needs to go to bed. But does he want to? No. Haha, I just laughed so hard because he reminds me of myself when I was younger. Bed? No. I want to play, and later that became I want to read a bit more. XD I had fun following our wolf on his adventures as he gets more and more tired. The thing you see on the cover was a tad too magical for me, I mean, who leaves that just on a hill, but it was still a cute thing and I loved what it did for our little one.

There is tons of interactivity. You need to rock the book, pet the wolf, click of the lights, and so much more! I even participated in many of those! I just love it when a book involves the reader like this. It makes the story come to life and brings something extra to the party of reading.

I did think it was a shame to how alike it was to the Ten Minutes to Bed series (which have been around since 2018). There are things that are different, like the interactivity you have with the wolf. But other things are very much alike. The tik tokking of the clock, the time being mentioned each 2 pages, the whole you have to hurry to bed or else, there are big adventures magically happening in those 10 minutes.

The art was fabulous though, as I expected from Jo Lindley! Very cute art, great expressions, beautiful night colours!

All in all, despite it being very similar to another series I had tons of fun. So much fun! And I would definitely recommend this one! Story time will be very fun with this book. Following a wolf and seeing if he gets to bed!

Star rating, 4 stars

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